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I can't stop moving!

Yesterday was my first time shrooming, i bought an eighth of cubensis stems that looked totally shitty.

Yesterday was my first time shrooming, i bought an eighth of cubensis stems that looked totally shitty. Everyone I showed them too said they were shitty too, and told me that at best all I'd get was a little high, and for sure I wouldn't trip. so following this guy's advice i thought "what the hell" & downed all the stems with some popcorn. I waited around an hour & a half & didn't feel a thing, i was about ready to call it a night & go home when my friend broke out the bud & we smoked a few bowls. about 15 minutes into our smoking session i started getting wierd semi-controllable twitching, which i've gotten before from bud so i didn't think much of it. but not long after that i just started laughing uncontrollably & my friend were like "holy shit he's tripping!" the spasms just got worse after that & i started getting way way high. the party i was at broke down so i figured i could drive home (Which i actually did with no damage), then i started peaking. all during my drive i was randomly talking to myself only half-realizing it. when i got back to my apartment i was having full on seisures complete with inane mumbling. i kept thinking my friend was gonna call me even though it was 4:30 am so i called his house (no answer) then left a message on his voice mail that was something just totally incomprehensible. around 5 am I just lost all touch with reality & started freaking out, wishing the effects would wear off so i could sleep! i just couldn't stop moving no matter what & it was pissing me off! i finally started coming down around 6 am & fell asleep soon after. when i woke up a few hours later for work i was still kinda foggy & couldn't remember much of what happened other than the fact that i went nuts! i was a little dissapointed that i didn't get any visuals, but that was probably from having no caps to eat

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