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Shroom Velada

This summer after school courses me and my friends didnt know what the hell to do an vacations.

This summer after school courses me and my friends didnt know what the hell to do an vacations... work? no way!!
then while we where killing time in the park, Elliot(the oldest shroomer in town) told us of a journey to Oaxaca, my eyes glared in that instant, I knew what he was up to >:-)

It was decided we where going Oaxaca with the Diviners to shroom... It was a big problem to get the permission from my parents, and I ended up telling them it was a visit to some pyramids, yeah right.

We went to the bus station, and got a ETN ride(wich is the best bus in mexico) we lasted like 15 hrs in the bus from Colima to Oaxaca, we arrived at the station, took a tourists bus that droped us in the outskirts of capital, then whe asked for rides, one after another.... and one after another
we had to camp 1 night....

finally we arrived to our destiny Huatla de Jimenez a Mazatec village where the laws are done by the indians, we walked around the village in dirt roads... soon we where invaded by small children Shouting "mushrooms, mushrooms"
what the hell? thats all they said "mushrooms, mushrooms"
they offered us a bag of p. Caerulecens to 100 pesos wich is ten bucks, but we didnt take it instead ask them to guide us
with a shaman or brujo... and they said "Genaro"

We followed them for about 5 mins, as they entered in an adobe(Mud or something) made house then they told us to enter, and we met this almost anorexic old man like 60 or something... he told us to go at 8 pm, Elliot gave him some money and so did we all did, then he got out and walked
away probably for hunting some shrooms!!!!

then we arrived at eight and he was there already he took us to the field in an old battered truck, and arrived in a small carboard house, we entered it was really small, he told us to take off our clothes, then i noticed a dug hole in the middle of the room, brujo dissapeared and got back with crinsom rocks, and dumped them in the hole then, added water and soon the room was filled with vapor and we started sweating like hell, we lasted in there for like hour an a half, then we dressed again and went outside... I was freezing.

The shaman handed us a bag to each one of us... with like 30 fresh small odd looking shrooms... that had like a root in the cap, I later identified them as Psilocybe hoogsageni, we had to eat them like that... I almost trew up.

Then the shaman started to tell us a story of tonanacatl or something like that, it was the flesh of the gods... and all that the kinds of shrooms... aka. san isidro(cubensis) and derrumbes(caerulescens)

And also told us about maria sabina, then we where like kinda inside the story and he stoped speaking, and started dancing and mumbling thing, and I saw him like of he was melting, was really cool and yold us that we where in heaven
then I started thinking in life and why men was made, and why woman was made, and then looked at the stars, and they where like moving around and couldn´t stay still, then a cloud took the shape of santa claus!!!!!
and I started to talk with him(kinda dumb)

I cant remember what we where talking about, but then he went away... laughing then I fell in love with the soil and that, from then I cant remember anything, but I woke up In the morning in the shamans house, we thanked the shaman and left his house pretty happy, we went to the field and found like 50 caps of p. Caerulescens, putted them in a bag, and asked for a ride to Puerto escondido beach.... and shroomed there... a velada is just wonderful if u visit mexico in shroom season take a look in oaxaca ull probably want tu be there...

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