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shot up into space

hey fellow shroomers, my name is frank from Beautiful British columbia and i am about to share with you a trip that compares to no other trip ive had.

hey fellow shroomers, my name is frank from Beautiful British columbia and i am about to share with you a trip that compares to no other trip ive had. it is definately a 5 on the shroomery scale which is quite the nifty scale if i do say so myself.

about 2 years ago me and a buddy decided to do some mushrooms at a freinds house, no parents, nice garden to chill in, and a couple good girlfriends that had a buddy who hooked us up with the mush. we had done mush before, any where from 3-5 grams each and had loads of fun in relaxed environments with tobbacco and chronic and good friends to chill with. but this time was different.

it was around 5 pm in the summer time and we had bought about 3 grams each and decided to make some tea, we consumed the tea and the chunks of mush and started to wait for the well anticipated onset. about an hour later we still werent feeling even a 2 on the scale, it was more of a one. so we were getting pretty impatient and made a pretty bad decision to smoke some mushrooms, keeping in mind that if mushroom smoke enters your eye u can go blind. so surely enough we made a little can pipe and smoked a bout .8 of a gram each (with our eyes closed)...20 mins pass and we start getting visuals, train sounds off in the distantce,and that buzzing sound that i like so much, we were a difenate 3 on the scale, we started watching blow and the room was doing the wave, it was no longer a square room with a tv in it, it was a twisting rolling cube of vibrant coulors and trails...(this is the highest i like to get) that we were inside. when i looked at soomething it would have fragments of itself fading in all directions and when i would touch my leg or someone else it felt like i went right throught it. at this point the girls buddy decided to give us the rest of his mushrooms..i guess he was really fucked up...and of coarse..u never say no to free mushrooms..lol. we went downstarirs and ate about a gram and a half more straihgt with some oj to chase it down. this is when the trip got really intense...i started to get really paranoid and my mind was making up situations that were starting to freak me out..like cops coming inside and busting us all...at that exact moment..one of the girls in another room close to the door that was open to the outside"cause it was hot" said "all right kids, lets go"..i immediately assumed it was a cop coming inside telling us that the party was over and said to my buddy, "yo the cops are here". but to my releif i soon realized it wasnt, it was just the girls and their buddy leaving, and i laughed at myself for the paranoid mistake. i was really tripping now, and everything was warping, i was seeing diamonds of light at everycorner,i went outside and the trees were swaying in all different directions i felt nauseated and very dissorientated... i had no idea what time it was and i started to feel like i couldnt be around my buddies any longer, i told them that i was just gunna lay down in a room bymyself for a while. at this point one of my frfiends left because he felt the same way and he ended up walking down the street by himself scared as hell, swatting at bugs that werent there and talking to trees that were talking to him. my friend whos house i was staying with also fvelt the need to be in his room by himself.so i eneterd this room with a bed and left the lights off...i couldnt put the sheets over me because i felt they were engulfing me and i felt like i was drowning..my body started to disapear, and the only thing i could feel was my jaw and my heart pounding away, i had to close my eyes....the things i saw were breathtaking...waves and oceans of coulor, but at the same time i felt i was dying, i felt my body was slowy fading away..i just wanted a switch to turn the trip off. i then lost all recolection of eveything around me, my body shot up into space and i was apart of the planets.i didnt exist, my consience was the only thing that was me. i could only think and try and calm myself down. i could also hear things that seemed to be from far far away but yet they seemed to be right next to me.blow was ending so blinded by the light was playing in the background and it seemd like it was a never ending song.everything was really hectic and 30 mins passed by and i slowly became more aware of everything around me, my body came back. my buddy was right above me in his bedroom, and i heard him scream really loud...which is weird because ive heard alot of people get the erge to scream really loudly like they have energy they need to realease. i yelled for him and we started talking....he had a window next to his bed and it seemed like he was outside...i could hear everything he was saying and he was barely speaking lowdly..his house turned into this communication center that had no sound barriers. i really needed to take a piss at this point and i could finnaly get myself up and walk.. i stumbled very drunkenly towards outside and his house became very small and took a piss...my dick seemed like it was only an inch big...which alot of people ive talked to experience as well when on mushrooms. as i was taking a piss my buddy started talking to me...it sounded like he was underneatch me because i was standing on the top of these steps that led to his backyard. but he was actually still in his room and the sound was bouncing outside his window.. he then all of a sudden appeared next to me and had come down the stairs in like a second. blinded by the light was still playing..and we began to talk about our trip...we were coming down now, which is another favourite time of the mushroom trip for me..we started lauighing at each other and looking at ourselves in the mirror..our limbs were enlarging and i kept spilling my glass of water as i tried to drink it, and we couldnt stop laughing about it.

this was definately an experience everyone should have. it imprints you with a respect for mushrooms and what they can do to reality. it affects your brain in ways u cant imagine. ever since then ive become a different person. i respect the mushrooms and use them almost ritualistically. now when i do them me and a buddy sit in a relaxing room, do like 4 grams and sit and discuss reality and all the things going on around us, and all the things in the wrodl that wed like to change and all the things that dont make sence(cough)(gvmt)(cough)(money). after my trips now i feel like i press the reset button on my consciessnes, and the next day i feel regenerated. mushrooms should be done once every 2 months. mushrooms are not a weekly thing, or a party drug. DO NOT go to a party on mushrooms. and do not do them if u are worried about even one thing..its amazing how sensitive you get when those wonderful mushrooms take you on their mysterious trip.


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