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Hello, First of all let this be a warning to all who are not familiar with the dose you should take, especially with a type of shroom you have never taken before.


First of all let this be a warning to all who are not familiar with the dose you should take, especially with a type of shroom you have never taken before... I am going to tell you everything ( I can remember) that happened, exactly as it happened, so if I drone on, sorry.. the trip was two nights ago, so its still pretty fresh in my mind..

First let me tell you what had taken place prior..
My sister had come down visit from ohio, and we both hadn't dosed in like 8 years, and my girlfriend has never dosed.. I was a little stressed out, because I was SURE I didn't have enough for us to reach a level three, which is where i wanted us to be.. i had about 15 full grown pf's, and about 20 small aborts and another ten half growns. This was enough for about one cup measurement of shrooms.. My sister was very nervous about taking them, (god knows why, we have tripped many times when we were young),she was already nauseated with just the thought of taking them, and my girlfriend was a little nervous. I guess i was a little keyed up, because i didn't want anybody to be scared, and to trust me. Anyway, I took these and put them in the food processor, with about 10 oz of sunny delight. For those of you worried about getting them down, this is the way to go, as it covered the taste almost completly... I poured the liquid mixture in three coffee cups which filled then to about 1/3 full, I would say it was maybe 1/2 cup measuring cup style. There was a lot of bits left over, in the processor, so i put more juice in there and scraped all of it into the juice and downed this as well. (This is probably why i got so wacked).My girlfriend was a bit worried about how they were gonna taste, she hates mushrooms (store bought). She got them down very easily. My sister took them about 3-4 mins after me and my girl.

Well it wasnt even 10 minutes and I felt them coming on, as well as my girl. My sister was still very nervous, and was watching us closely to see the effects they were haveing on us. At this time is was feeling very spacy, as was S (my girlfriend). The phone ran at this time (about 12 minutes in), and it was a friend asking about growing. She talked to him for about 2 mins, and then was so overtaken by them that she couldn't talk. She put him on and I talked for another two, then I couldnt talk or concentrate anymore. This shit came on like a rocket... My girlfriend had left the room and was in the bedroom. I sat in the living room, for another 3 or four amazed at how strong they were.

I then went into the bedroom, and S was curled up in a ball on the bed, and the first thing she said to me was "Its to much!" She said this about 10 times, so I sat there and tried to calm her. She said a couple of times "It" ( I asked her later and by this, she meant that her feelings were that the mushrooms were alive inside of her)wont let me puke, its not done with me. I assured her that although the trip might be really strong, she didn't have to worry about the dose she had taken, as it wouldnt kill her from toxicity anyway. By this time i was becoming overwhelmed by the feeling, and had to lay down on the bed. We both laid down on the bed and started looking at the ceiling, which seemed about 2 feet away, and was swirling and moving like crazy. At this time (20 mins in) S relaxed a bit, and seemed to come to terms with the effect that it was having on her body. My sister (K) shortly before (15 min) had seen the effects, and panicked a little, so with her already queasy stomach,she threw them up. In the end this was probably good, because she ended up only having a level three. Its a comfort to know that somebody was there with a reasonable amount of faculties, because this trip COULD have gone horribly wrong. It didnt, but could have.

I have a big mirror on the headboard of my bead, (king), its about 6 feet wide, and four tall, so when you look to the front of the bed you look right into it. S & I rolled over and started to look in the mirror, which was really facinating, because my face was morphing at a phenomenal rate, and I had the distinct impression that someting was telling me this is how your going to look as you grow old, and my face went from normal to aged as an old man numerous times. S saw blood coming from her arms, and had to stop looking for a bit. After this it shifted, and then my whole body was covered in rainbow scales, just like a dragon. It was beautiful, and I wasnt panicked or disturbed by this. The shrooms kept building and building, coming on stronger and stronger. Both S and I felt like we were being completly sucked in by the bed. It was very soft and spongy, and felt wonderful. By now, I was so hammered that I had to lay on my back, and to look at the ceiling again. I felt almost completly immobile, and could just barely get my arm up to around my head. At this time I wasnt panicked, but felt that it was important to let everyone know to keep an eye on me.

Slowly, my body then shrunk, and the whole of it felt like it was in my head. The best way to describe it was i felt 12 inches tall.. I am not sure if it was me, or if it was a vision of me, but it appeared over my head, and I was looking at myself, when the vison, (or me) shattered like a mirror. Just like little shards of glass. I saw me drift off, and all that was left was the center, which I knew instictivly was my soul. It was very strange, and at first i started yelling "Im shattered, Im shattered". K started asking me what I meant, but all I could say was "Im shattered". At this point a very peaceful feeling came over me, and I realized that nothing no longer mattered anymore. I felt like all parts of me had dissapeared, the anger, the jealousy, the stress, all the bad parts like doubt and insecurity were gone, and the only thing left was the most content feeling I have ever felt. I guess some have described this as loss of ego. From this point on, I never felt inside myself, until I came down. At this point there was no ceiling anymore, and it was like clouds with blue diamonds (for lack of a better id). I was feeling very sick now, and within three minutes I got sick. As soon as I got up, so did S, and we both had a very violent session. It was terrifing, and I am glad we both did it at the same time, because my concern for her kept me from panicking. We both felt the same thing as they came up. An internal message saying, "There, now you know what we can do to you. Were leaving you now, respect us."

I was staggered, and couldnt even help S, I walked out into the living room, and I could hardly walk, I was bumping into the walls and could hardly stand. The reason for this was because I most definatly was not in my body. My body was trying to walk with nothing in it, (no life force) is the best way to describe. For the rest of the trip I felt this way. (sorta disconnected) I adjusted, but never felt really connected anymore. It was like this, if you were holding a helium balloon on a string, you would be my body, and I would be the balloon. This was so facninating, that I felt I could now move from body to body. My body was telling me that it felt gross from the crap up my nose, from puking, and so I started blowing my nose, my sis was doing the same. I became convinced that we could now switch, and I could enter her body and blow for her, and she for me. So on the count of three we closed our eyes, and blew. For an instant we switched. K felt a little uncomfortable with this, (vulnerable), so we didnt try this again, but for sure we had been in each others (space?).

I was now becoming comfortable with the out of body feeling, so I was able to start walking around normally. I felt immense joy, and I was like a kid, the first time in a candy store. In the living room we have a black light, and there were toilet tissues all over the place. I felt extremly creative, and started dancing and putting on a show with the tissues. I felt just like a magician, very graceful and choreagraphed. I took one of the tissues and started to stretch it out. It looked very electric blue and green, and I started to make waving motions with it, and it turned into a living spark, and was making a distinctive electric crackling sound. I started to wave it around my body, this electric bolt, and it was extremely intense. It felt incredibly pleasureable. I was so keyed up and marching around saying it all makes sense now. At this point S was laughing histericaly, and didnt stop for over an hour. The sound she was making was almost like somone riding the most intense rollercoaster, non stop. Woowwwooohhhhwooooooooohhh wooooooohhhwowowowowow. Nonstop. I did this until I was tired,(playing with the tissue) still saying it all makes sense, when the gateway opened up. It wasnt a sense of walking thorugh, there was no choice. The living room (apartment really) became semi-spherical, and the roof was now a dome. This dome was like a capsule. We all felt it, and suddenly it was like looking through a glass bubble, and there were stars and planets passing slowly by. In between babbling S kept saying the stars...the planets...
This was what we passed though the gateway in. I felt it immediatly, and started marching around telling my sister and girlfriend "Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to the other side!!" This wasnt distracting (outer space) at all, and after a while you hardly noticed it. This went on for about 15 minutes, when distinctly I felt we werent alone. There was no visual presense there just a very strong feeling of a presence. My sister didnt feel it, and S was so wacked on her rollercoster ride that I think she must have been light years away from were I was. I said it out loud, "He's here!". This panicked my sis a little, because she wasnt sure at first whether what I was feeling was good or bad. She said "Who's here?" I said "Im not sure yet, but he's here!" She then asked me what he was saying and I said nothing, he's just watching us. Then about thirty secs later I said "He has a message for us. He says everyting is going to be ok, you life is going to be ok. Stop worrying about things. Relax life is short. Love each other, love everyone, be happy, life is short." At this time an overwhelming, ( I mean that, it was so strong I felt like i was going to explode if I didnt get it out), feeling of love overcame us all, and S stopped making her noise. We spent the next half hour telling each other how much we loved and cared for each other. We spilled our guts, saying everything that we ever admired or felt about each other. It was very cleansing and very spiritual. I never noticed that the presense had left. I started kissing S, and it was like we were melting into each other, becoming one. A very wild feeling for sure.

After this, S went back into lulu land for a while. She resumed making her noises. This had become a bit wierd for me and my sis, so we went out side to explore for a bit.Going through the door was like another gateway, into a different place. When I went out, I was sure everything was alive like never before. I at this time was convinced that nothing was impossible, and basicly conjured up mushrooms growing all over the lawn. I was like "Wow man there everywhere!", and started to pick a few and eat them. I held a few out for my sis, and she ate a few to ( I think just to appease me). Very strange. I didnt come on any harder, but it was definatly like eating shrooms. We were out for about five minutes, but I didnt like the idea that I felt like nothing was impossible, so decided that it was better to go inside, and check on S. S calmed down again a bit later,and we started getting into a very philosophical conversation, and I had this knowledge that what was happening was possible anytime, and that you didnt need shrooms to get there. I knew that to get through the gateway, all you had to do is believe in you mind and you could come. I knew this for a fact then, now I am not sure, but then, no question. We started talking about the planets, and the stars and aliens, and although we didnt feel life presence, we felt it was out there, and we didnt feel like this was bad, but a good thing.

My girlfriend had become very affectionate again, so we decided to take a bath. We laid in the bathtub, and melted into each other to about half an hour. That was what it was like,like becoming one with each other, like never before. We talked about our problems, and straightened everything out, and our relationship has never been better. We got out, and about this time we started coming down, and the dome went away. It just kinda faded, so you could hardly notice it. We didnt have a gateway on the other side, coming back, it was just like ...coming back. We went level three for about an other hour, then just slowly came down.

For me it was most definatly the most intense trip I have ever taken, and I hope that every trip is like that. As for S she has said she never wants such a large dose again. She said she would be happy if she would never see the shit she saw again while she was away. She said it wasnt unpleasant, but that she felt like she was seeing shit she wasnt supposed to see. My sister on the other hand now really wants to trip again, and to feel what I felt. ( A high dose). As for me, I will take another dose like that, but I worry a little, as you never know what is going to happen....

I hope this all makes sense to you, as even though it is fresh, there were alot of other things that happened, just not worth mentioning...

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