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Shamanic Goa Rave

Sitting in front of the stage, with the DJ mixing a good groove of both Techno/Goa Trance, it was mid-day on a Sat.

Sitting in front of the stage, with the DJ mixing a good groove of both Techno/Goa Trance, it was mid-day on a Sat. I was looking around all the people around me. As I peered over my shoulder something caught my eye, A large sign had been put up since I arrived, and the vender called themselves, "Shaman Gifts". I being a practioner of shamanism myself, had to check the place out. I meet with a mid-aged man with a long flowing beard, and he called himself a shaman. He spoke other than my natural language so I was only able to understand about half of what he spoke. I did remember asking for a good trip and he pulled out a package of mushrooms. Tiny and grey they were. He said they were still fresh and came from Finland or somewhere in NorthWestern Europe, high grade stuff that he only had a few more left. I then told him I was a shaman, and we did a soul greeting right there at the Rave with other customers waiting. He then told me for you, to meet the spirits, I suggest 2 packages, that being 20 of theses high powered mushrooms, still fresh. I bought 2 packs and waited for the night to settle in. I was with a friend girl I had just met the day before on the train to the rave. And I bought some for her too. To get to the trip, it was warm, raining and in the summer time, about 5pm, and starting to get dark. Me and my friend were sitting on a sleeping back kinda up in the tree line off to the side of the field were the rave was being held. We were right there just a small bumb of earth between us. She tried some mushrooms, and was only able to eat one, I later found out, during the trip I was mistaken she had eaten the entire pack of 10.

Anyways, I took 2 packages of 10 mushroom all at once, 10 of them at a time in my mouth and let them slide over my tounge a little before swallowing the fresh things. All this in about 5 mins. It was gross, but I was awating my spiritual journey. I'd say about an hour later I was cleary in level 1 or 2 trip levels. Then somewhere in the darkness, and my friend tring to get me to go dance with her, and me skipping level 3, I went right into a level 4 trip and passed out, and came too a few times then just had to lay down. I felt close to death, but being an experience tripper and shaman I've been here before. Just not so hard. I felt I could will myself to death, laying there helpless knocked out but awake under the trees. Anyone could of came over to me and robbed me, killed, whatever, and I was right in a rave of about 2,000 people. Laying there on a sleeping bad in plain view of anyone with a flash light. But other people were doing their things, etc. It was the norm. I started having nightmaress images of pimp-daddy like figures calling out to their whores that they better have their mone! y. And then as they pulled down their shades, they'd shout at me and I actually visualize behind closed eyes about 1,000 turning, spinning knife blades poking at me in my eyes. Then a group of ancient looking women started to join into a chant behind an ivy wall with windows in it. (I relate this to the music which was gothic goa like at the time.) Then I heard women screaming and crying out in fear and pain, and I can feel ever soul there at the rave all at once, and feel their minds and thoughts, and just be apart of everything by just sitting there. I guess by now passed out yet fully awake, I had reach level 5. Reality came and went, meaning started but never finished. This went on for like an hour and half maybe 2 hours.

My friend said she had come to check on me to come dance with her, but that I was asleep with a white ghostly image on my face. Perhaps I really was close to the edge of death, I could feel it like that. I then willed myself back together enough strength ! to move a finger and slowly I moved my legs, it was hard to even move my body, because my limbs were not reacting to my thoughts to move them. Finally I stop fighting the thought of danger or death, and this new gain will is what brought me back from near death. I could feel the ground around me as though it were alive. Enities of all sorts and the spirits of the tree I could talk to and feel them looking and caring for me in my current state. More of a supportive feeling than anything else. Then as I just sat there coming down to a level 3 or 4 trip then paused for a bit, still not able to focus on reality all that well I just grooved to the music for awhile proping my back against a small tree to hold me up. Then my friend came and was going on and on about I should have seen the show up on stage with fire and a woman and all kinds of crazy stuff to just break my fucking reality even more at this point. I smiled and said oh yeah where, I ask this like 3 times, and tried to a! ppear in control and calm for someone who had just a few minutes ago been so close to the feeling of death. I was paranoid big time at this point and didn't want to go where a lot of people were. Because I was just able to use my body, but I was also trapped inside of it, in a stupor on the outside, but fully awake on the inside.

Like being alive in the body of a zombie or something. I was so fragile at that point. I finally stood up and had the feeling I was being watch from the group for were I had just laid. And the sleeping back had transfored into some sort of mushroom/ancient potato like being of some sort, and he smiled back at me. Being paranoid I didn't know how to take this. My friend talked me into sitting out on the lawn with her back from where the other tents were away from the mass of about 500 ravers dancing their minds out. She laid out a mat for us, and I just sat there next to her. As I sat there and started listening to the music, I slipped back into 4 then 5th level trip status. This went on for abour 2 hours. I was just another entity lost in a sea of a million souls it felt, at least 2000 for sure with the amount of bodies I saw. My friend started talking to me about stuff and I was like we ok sure, whatever. I couldn't understand her, though I should have. I just started reading her mind to find out what she wanted to say, and found this to be easier for me than using words and the vocal communication skill. I felt she liked but had a boyfriend,(later I found out this was all true) I just sat there watching the ravers, rave all night long. Some other people were having a fight and I was like spliting off into their minds as they were fighting, and I understood everything they thought. I didn't want to read their minds it just came to me like that. All around me were tons of people and I felt each of their souls in a collected mass of being and understanding. It was like I had somehow expanded to cover the entire rave at once , while my body just sat there next to a cute girl on a mat. All of a sudden some shamans or fire dancer came out in the back of the crowd and they were twirling baskets of flames around on metal chains. It was wild and ancient and a bit out of place, but then I wasn't in the proper reality to view this so I just slipped back into a time this would have be common place, I went back in time and willed myself to view it from then.

I changed into something of horror, to something of beauty. I then had images of waves, the oceans, and hawaii come flash back at me. Had I traveled there in a blink of an eye? I was happy when the people close to me had sorted out their difference and went on, because I could just feel at that negative energy building up around them and it was getting on me and my girl. My girl smiled at me and I smiled back it was so beautiful to be there with such a cute girl I thought. I mellowed out and didn't want to go back to the darkness of the tree from where I had came, but she did. I said lets stay just awhile longer as I was tripping out of my mind and finding it hard to move my body even if I wanted to. Reality was just a big meaningless space for me at that time. I peered off into the massive dancing and a laser light/strobe show was going off from the stage with the music pumping. I could see all the people dancing, and then there were other black forms, maybe of this reality or not? But they multipied right before my eyes, where once there had been about 100 people dancing there was now 200. Maybe I was slipping in time or something? But I send them walking back from the crowds up towards where we were and the other side of the stage area. It was all set up into a half-moon shape, and theses people/beings were walking in stright lines like the rays of a dark sun. And then their would walk back to the crowd and it would get bigger, and I took this to symbolize and mean the whole world is one, and the event is the mighty Rave , to love everyone in their own way and bring peace and unity to the massive, that was what this rave and all raves across the planet were for. It was just so bold a the time, I had to share it with my friend.

Not sure if she understood seeing as she was just a little drunk compared to me. She had been hitting some Mazcal(sp?) earlier. Also while sitting on this mat it became my car of the travel to/with/of the universe. I also got the feeling i was being watched. And looked over and seen a pitch black shadow of a woman dressed in india garb. Even when the fireworks display or other people's flash lights shown on her, she remain pitch black. Also her moments were slower and more controled than anyone elses. I also had the feeling she knew I was looking at her. She danced then dissappear then I saw here from all the other people at the other side of the field about 200 feet away from where she was before. It was night time I might add. Then she appear closer to me, and the music went into some exotic indian(India) chant like mixed beat Goa Trance stuff. It was awesome, and this thing went into a very sexy, erotic dance, as though she liked to be watched in this sort of manner. It turned it/her on. She made movement to an unseen lover in mid air, and mixed it all to look like a hell of a performance, I was entranced for the time. Then, it was the voice of my female friend who brought me back. And she stood up and said lets go in the dark together.. I smiled and said ok, I'd seen enough here. I then went back to the sleeping back and it started to rain lightly, I didn't have a tent or anything so we just sat there under the trees together. I couldn't help but be intrested in her after seeing her in this state of being. I got her to jump in my sleeping bag with me and start to french kiss her hard, then soft, and then grabbed her ass and pulled it close to me so that she was riding me there in the open. We had our clothes on, but were bumbing and grinding to the sounds of the music from the loud speaks on stage. It went into some heavy Goa Trance sounds and I was enjoy every bit of it. She wanted to smoke jane from her pipe so we stopped.

I didn't mind as I was in euphoric anyways, and we still had our clothes on so it wasn't all that, plus she was neverous about something. As we was toten on the pipe she got her nevers back and told me about her boyfriend. It wasn't no big deal to me, but to her she was kinda of sad she had cheated on him this far. I didn't really care, but oh well. We still hugged and didn't go to that kind of play anymore. For the rest of the trip I went dancing, painted my face with some glow-in-dark paint. Which after using a side-vendor's black light to intesify my paint, my face glowed. I painted my face to look like an American Indian warrior ready for war. And was I was walking back to were I was staying I followed the open area which was in an arc around the front of the stage. Then everything became like a cartoon or movie, and which each step I started feeling like John Travolta, in "Stay'in Alive". It was wild, I could feel all the eyes at the back area of the rave were looking at me. No one else had such a weird painted glowing in the dark face. I was original at best, and which each step I just started dancing and grooving so heavy with the beat, I lost control of myself. It was like I was on a stage performing or something. I've never groove so hard to a walk in my life. I was swaying my arms, dipping in my steps with a hump like motion to show my jive off to everyone else, and it felt so fucking right! I was a bit shy so I just started to laugh it off and smiled. That helped, I saw the eyes of most people staring at me and my weird face, like they were looking at a ghost.

People pointing at me, laught, smiling. everything. Time came and went and I ended up sleeping with my female friend in our single sleeping back, till the next morning when her other female friend found us together the next day. It was an awesome trip I'll never forget, and the Rave must of been awesome as well, I just couldn't hold to reality enough to see it like everyone else. Perhaps I enjoyed it more than others, then again others had LSD so I'm sure they all had their stories to tell. Looking back on all this I would suggest this: Start low - mid intensity for yourself and work your way up. Don't jump head first into something new like I did with a rave and unknown mushrooms for the first time together. I was glad I did but don't know it I'd do it like that again. Much craziness it was. I went insane a few times and had a hard time focusing in a reality. But I loved the ESP and psychic levels of it, I learned some new spiritual lessons from it and inner knowledge and understand came to me as well. I know this is such a long ass trip report, and I left about 25% of smaller things out of it. But you got the major impacts I can recall....... And the Shaman said, "Two packs with get Raving

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