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Second Trips

All of my friends have told me that second trips are the best.

All of my friends have told me that second trips are the best. I didn't believe them, until my second trip.

My first trip was at a rave. I ate some mushroom cake. I had smoked like 5 times that night and drank alot too so i was MAD FUCKED UP. I really dont remember much except for these three facts:

1. My cousin, who took me there, had a face that kept changing from regular color to green.
2. Every clock and watch I saw spun backwards and crazy like.
3. There was a garden nome in the middle of the rave.
Thats all I can distinctly recall.

But then there was my second trip.

Up until now, all my experiences had proven that the first dose was the best. Mushrooms were different.

We were in my friend's car and we were picking people up. I had bought a phat 8th the night before and decided that tonight was the night to try em again. I chomped down on about 1/2 the bag. Then my friend kept telling me to eat another cap and another stem. Before I knew it, the whole bag was gone. Then we pulled into a school to smoke. Me and 2 friends stayed and smoked alot of weed while the other friend picked other people up. As the weed made me feel high as shit, I couldn't stop laughing. Then, I saw my shadow and it bugged me out. It was so cool. The colors changed and the horizon wobbled. Trees looked really funky. Then we drove to this place called the docks.

The docks are a bunch of docks in the woods somewhere. I thought I was an Allman Brother for the rest of the night. Keep in mind that mushroom trips are hard to describe. I was out of my mind for the whole night. When I went home, I was still trippin sooooo hard. I tripped harder than ever that night. second trips are the best.

so trip hard, trip strong, trip frequently

go eat some mushrooms!

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