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Second Trip Mind Fuck

Age: 20 Sex: Male Weight: 135 Alright, well I'm finally getting around to submitting this trip report.

Age: 20
Sex: Male
Weight: 135

Alright, well I'm finally getting around to submitting this trip report. This happened about a year ago and a half ago and was my second time tripping. My first trip I ate a half 8th and probably had a level 2 trip. It was fun and left me in awe of the mystic power of mushrooms.
Well here we go, I was with my friends Andy and Tom, we decided to trip at my place. We drove to pick up the shrooms from Toms friend around 10:00 PM. My two friends only had $20 each and decided to split and 8th, I bought a full 8th. We get them and take a look at them in the car, these ones looked more white and dark blue compared to the lighter yellow ones I had my first time. I was excited and thought everything was going to be fine and was in a good mood. While in the car I went ahead and ate the full 8th without and water or anything, the taste of shrooms don't bother me.
We got back to my place in about 10 minutes and went up to my room. I hoped on my computer right away and we started looking at pictures of cars, it has been around 20 minutes since I ate them when all of a sudden I started to see twirling cyclones moving across my computer screen that looked so unbelievably real. I quickly asked my 2 friends if they seen them too, they said No.
I was surprised how quickly the effects came on. Then Bam, the most dreadful feeling I have ever gotten hit me, like everything was wrong and something very bad was about to happen. I tried my hardest but couldn't control it or make the feeling go away, I had to lay down on my bed. This was about 30 minutes after ingesting. Andy and Tom just sat in a couple of chairs in my room staring at my screen saver and black light posters.
After this I cant give any accurate time frames because time was moving very slow and I was very fucked up. After laying down I blacked out. I awoke probably 30 minutes later and was feeling sick so I went outside. I tried puking but nothing came out, I was freaking out.
When I lifted my head after trying to make myself puke, I was looking across the street from me. It was the most beautiful vision that I have seen with my eyes to this day. The road looked like black lava slowly flowing down the street, all the grass looked like small shiny metallic blades flowing about like water. There were tiny bright stars slowly drifting through the air, tree's looked absolutely stunning and their leaves looked like flowers. I didn't want to stay out there too long because I did not want my neighbors to see me incase you could tell I was messed up. I was already dry heaving by trying to puke and didn't want to draw any more attention.

I was still freaking out and was thinking I needed to go to the hospital, I kept telling myself I will be fine and that I had eaten mushrooms but that did not help much. I almost went to awake my mom to tell her my situation but realized that was a stupid idea. In my room I have one of those table top rock fountain things you plug into the wall, and water trickles down the rocks. I put a couple of Hi-Liter ink tubes in the reservoir that would make the water glow with the black light on. It was awesome, It looked like radioactive green goo flowing over the rocks. Well, that thing was on a small table in front of my window. One of my friends opened it while I was outside.

As I walked inside my friend Tom was getting some water out my kitchen. Andy was upstairs by himself. We walked up the stairs together and found Andy standing in front of the fountain and window. There was glowing green goo all over his hands, my curtains had blown onto the fountain and had gotten all wet, they were glowing also. The curtain also caused water to flow onto the table and onto the floor. It was everywhere. We just looked at him like "What the fuck!?" and didn't say a word. He looked at us with a freaked out face and said "IT WASN'T ME!". It obviously was. I was still tripping hard and went back onto my bed and blacked out again.
While laying there I don't know if I was sleeping or what but I was having crazy visuals. I kept seeing belts of light rays flying into my field of vision and every time I seen one I kept breaking it in half diving deeper into these light rays. I kept breaking them down making them a more simple form until I could no longer do it anymore. They could not be more simplified than its current form. I was then transferred to the world of Scooby-Doo. I was in the cartoon. I could see the characters in 3D form, I was communicating with them, it was as real as real gets. I started to gain consciousness and opened my eyes. Andy and Tom were still plastered to the chair. Scooby-Doo was playing on the television. I could of sworn I was in that cartoon.
I was still tripping but felt great. I did not have that dreadful feeling. The sun was starting to come up and it was around 5am. I went into my bathroom and I started noticing a lot of visuals such as patterns flowing and what not. It was awesome I felt great, I just wish it could be like that the entire time. My friends left shortly and I went back to sleep.
The next day Andy and Tom who have had more experience than me agreed those were the best shrooms they have eaten and the most potent. They had only eat a half 8th as I ate a full one and it was only my second time tripping. It was one hell of a ride. Going outside and seeing the beautiful scenery definitely saved me from freaking out and having a worse trip than what it already was. Overall I think it was still another mystic & positive experience. From now on, I'm only interested in tripping outdoors. I have heard from friends that when they tripped outside, it was a 100% positive experience without a come down or feeling shitty. I believe it.
Respect the magnitude of these powerful life forms. They will teach you things you cannot learn from anywhere or anyone else. They will wipe your 3rd eye clean and you will see yourself and everything else for what it really is.

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