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Screwed by RX

Ridiculous, just plain ridiculous!

Ridiculous, just plain ridiculous! Thats the only way to describe it. I am so pissed about this whole experience, and hopefully u'll come to see why.

It started one night with my friend, B. We are both experienced trippers. We like it, but we control it. We are both in the National Honors Society at our High School. Well one crisp Feb night, we each eat about an 8th, nothing big for us, and we smoke a joint of the most chronic bubonic bud I have ever seen. A good joint will fuck u up, and this was no exception. I was gone, I really don't know how to say it - basically gone. I would fade in and out of consciousness........periodically tripping on various objects, but enjoying the body high.

Some notable visuals are that of my friend being cut out of my reality and seeing an infinity of fractals in his place. And B has this big plant in the basement. One time when I looked at it, I saw that big marijuana plant from Scary Movie 2, and it tried to smoke B.

It was a great nihgt until about 2-2:30. Thats when I started getting stomach cramps, then the vomiting then I think I went into shock......Long story short, I came to consciousness and I was sitting at my friends kitchen table with my parents, his parents, paramedics and cops all around me. He was tripping, and I was tripping. The cop took our stash of weed and acted like he was going to keep it as he said "Man, this is the best stuff I've seen around here"

I ended up in the hospital......Basically nothing happened there expect the physicians let me come down.

I had read about mushroom poisoning and in the midst of my sickness, I had figured that I had been poisoned, and that I would die. Everyone who has ever tripped knows that when ur fucked outta ur mind and u think u gonna die, its pretty scary. Well not only was I in that "dying type" of mindset, but I was puking and passing out and shit.

So the hospital did nothing for me. I assumed it was bad shrooms. One hting I forgot to mention is that I was on an antibiotic drug at the time. One of the "guidelines" of the drug i was on is that ur not suppose to each "antacids" while on the drug. I had eaten a powerful antacid after dinner that night, without even knowing it, my doctor told me nothing. So I came to realize that I had had a drug interaction between my precription and the antacid, and it just so happened that I was tripping when this reactino decided to take place! I got soooo screwed... I knew of no precautionary guidelines with the Rx, so its not my fault.

The cool part is that I had worked with the cops that arrived on the scene that night, so they just made me flush my Chron-John Bud down the toilet and let me go, I didnt get taken to jail, fined, or anything, it was tight. I did get grounded for a while, but fortunatley my friend B didnt get into trouble.

I dont really wanna do shrooms again, not b/c theyaren't fun, but because I have too many bad memories from that night. That and the fact that Im still pissed as hell!

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