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School, Rearview mirrors, and bananas. Joy. Pure Joy.

IntroductionSeveral years ago in middle school I tried mushrooms for the first time.


Several years ago in middle school I tried mushrooms for the first time. Keep in mind I had just turned 12 and was not very bright. My best friend's brother was a fairly big time dealer. He dealt pounds of weed and sometimes shrooms. Usually Z (my friend) just pitched me 1/8s every day or so at school. One day he gave me two eights of Psilocybe cubensis . He just said "I dunno man, I ain't taken em' before, just eat em' I guess. Thanks... a lot.

During third period I reached into my pocket and said what the hell, Just a little. I ate two big moldy caps. People say shrooms taste shitty, I think they taste good actually, like a stale dusty marshmallow. Next period didn't feel anything. Ate about an eighth. Shortly after the two caps kicked in. HAHAHAHAHA were all I could get out through sixth period. Half way thru 6th I ate the rest maybe 2 grams or so. Then I remembered I had A two hour detention after school. That's when tuhe visuals started and my theme song.

About 2 min into the 2 hour I was staring at a chair and it just stretched all over my vision. I felt like my body was relaxed more than ever before. I felt a nostalgia like joy. I looked around and the walls were flowing like liquid. Then the most beautiful music started playing in my head. The visuals were parralelled to the music. Sometimes the music would kind shatter and echo off like listening to headphones and the walls would shift along with each echo. A teacher asked me why I wasn't working. WWWWWhhhhhhhip, snap. I felt like I had just been ripped out of my magic kingdom. "Desk around and stop talking," she yapped. Whoa I realized I forgot I was talking. So I tried to turn my desk around but kinda moved it over and turned it all the way around too. "Okay, that works, now go get something to read," so I stood up and walked over to the book rack. I looked at a book and for some reason said "Hmm, life on mars huh?" Everyone in the room looked at me. I just picked up the book and shrugged my shoulders. Half way thru the detention I went to the bathroom to see if I had any smokes in my bag. I looked into the mirror. More like the mirror looked into me. It looked like a pool mounted on the wall. And for just a second I thought it was spilling out onto me. Then the janitor came in. "Hello" he said and went to the urinal. I went back to class. "Your were gone for ten minutes," the teacher said. I said "Whoops, didn't mean to."

At the end of the detention the teacher made me stay after for distracting other students. After a few minutes she said I could go... I could go. "Robert you may leave now."

"What huh, yeah what now?" I said.

"You want to stay?" I realized everyone was gone. I got up and ran out the door. I dont even know why I ran. My friends brother Craig was giving me a ride home cause my mother was in California. I got in the car I told him I was tripping, hard. He's a stoner and my friend Bryce was there. We were driving back to my place to smoke some weed and drink some Vodka. We were all smoking my smokes (Craig you still owe me asshole) and laughing about past times. Note: for some reason Craig's car felt like a apartment atmosphere wise. I looked at his rearview mirror and said "Man, you need to get this fixed." And proceeded to reach over the seat and wacked it off the window. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING SHITHEAD" Craig pulled the car over I was laughing. He yelled at me about traffic safety or something like that. When we got back to my house we smoked some killer weed that I had about an eighth of(hint).
Me and Bryce drank about 3/4 of a fifth of Vodka. Although I only had about three shots.

The weed gave me the munchies so I ate a banana. I started to say bananananananananananana. Bryce hit me with a lighter. "Let's have a smoke," I took my smokes and a busshell of bananananas out to the porch. I kept eating bananas until they were gone. I almost started crying cause I missed them.

They left and I sat around and listened to music and went outside. I pikcked up the phone when my brother was talking to his friend. I said "I can see your soul, hehehehehehe,"
then I just tripped out and chilled some more.

I started coming down at about 8 or 9 p.m. I smoked some weed to help me sleep. The next day I felt great and refreshed, til 15 minutes later when I got stoned. Went to school and shit out banana like crazy when I got home.

Overall It was one of the best experiences in my entire life. I have taken them many many times since and will always have an occasional trip with a friend now and then.
The are the BEST!

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