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Scared Straight!!!!

I am writing this just hours after a terrible night of shrooming with my fiance.

I am writing this just hours after a terrible night of shrooming with my fiance.It all started at our friend joes house along with scarlett and curtis.The night started out with a blunt at about 7.30pm.At about 8:15pm we had the shrooms and by 9:00pm we started what was to be an awful night.Who would have known because it started great.Our friend scarlett was buggin hard and we were laughing our asses off.Then my fiance started and things were still cool.I started to trip shortly after i notice my fiance started to trip hard.Everything was cool until cutis came back with more drugs and thats when things got bad.I cant exactly remember everything because its only 7:50am and i didnt sleep well at all.I'm pretty sure it started with me first and then my fiance.All i can say is that for 4 hours we felt like we were dying.Our friends joe and scarlett tried everything they could to comfort us.Scarlett held my hand and wiped my tears away for me and joe held my hand like a little brother and told me everything was going to be alright.Meanwhile debbie(my fiance) was in the bathroom puking and freaking out which made things worse for me because i could not get up to help her.Finally at around 11:45pm she called her mother to come pick us up.Lets just say she was pissed and so was her boyfriend who drove an hour to pick us up.when we got home my fiance was threatened with weekly drug tests and if we are caught doing any kind of drug her mom will call the cops and will have us arrested.Talk about a hard lesson folks.The bottom line here is.....IT'S OVER!We are quiting smoking weed because thats all we really did.I just bought a really sweet bong for $55.00 just last week.Well its in the garbage now along with any other bongs pipes etc to smoke with.I'm a 30 year old man who was just stripped of everything he's worth but now a new life begings.Time to get straight.

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