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scared shit

About 2 6 months ago i had been given some grey shrooms for a going away present to New York.

About 2 6 months ago i had been given some grey shrooms for a going away present to New York.Well the day before I had went over my friends house that was to be giving them to me;he has done them over 40 times and is more than a pro.When I got there I had tooken 2.3 with some water.After we finally made it back to his room we had turn on the tv and the ceiling lamp and sat om his futon. After about 30 min I started to gigle and say stupid shit about my friend.WE started to watch tv for 10 min and I started to notice the tv going red on the screen lightly, and started to tell my friend luis.He didnt notice and I sat the just stupified,and look up at the cieling and started to watch the cieling turn red.I sat back on the futoon and notice the wall behind me was 2-dimentional and went out slowly lke a hill.I was amazed and told luis and he noticed and started to walk out the room and I fallowed right behind.We had walken into the living room and turned on the big screen tv,and flip to monkey bone.It was the crazyst the Iv ever experienced,I could feel wind in my face and A sudden rush like I was on a roller coaster.The guy on the screen started to look at me talk to me.I just sat the quite as my friend started to laugh as the guy on monkey bone started to ask me qustions.I then told my friend to go out in his back yard to take a breather.I was starting to feel scared like there was a big ass dude about to sock me in the nose.It had fucked with my emotions and I had no control.I had started to see frightning images of a skinny cavemen that was pale blue with sharp teeth and dagerd claws.It started to jump out of a bush and some how glide slowly towrdes me in mid air with his claws stratching longer ever intch he made.I then fell to the floor and went concience in a way,I started to see like my hole life in front of me and started to feel like i was going to die,I then somehow started to see the light and appered in a town i never saw before and was talking to my friend but he was with people.He was asking me if I was alright and said it was ok and not to trip to hard off the shrooms.I then some how like woke up in the living room with my best friend javier that had showed up because i think he was worried,but he showed up like 20 when i was dozed off tripping in my own world.he was shaking me and seeing if I was ok and I just somehow said yea man im just tripping.We then all started to watch tv.I had been very scared and started to be loosing it.I then started to see me on the screen going trough a cuanvour velt and started to being going trough a circus.Right when I walked trough the door I started to see happy things like nice clowns and ballons,but the it started to get scarier and scarier.The clowns started to apper at me wit sharped fang teeth and viens on this neck with a buther knife in hand.I then just froze and started to move foward on the caunvaor velt and to see little skinny deformed bughuman creatures like it was dieung and stared at me crying in a way.I then started to come down with tears and started to cry;and ran out the house.I went to my friend javiers car and went in and shut the door.Javier came out telling me its ok and wut I was seeing.I started to calm down while he turned on the radio.I was stating to feel more comfortable because luis came out and smoke a blunt with me in a hot box.The hot box was amazing because my smoke rings were going around the car for awhile.WE then somehow drove to my house too drop me off,and soon came to the drive way to drop me off.I say later to the folks and went into the house to find my older sister staring at me in the living room.I walked into my room and began to get my sleeping cloths on to lay in bed and try to sleep.I tryed to shut my eyes but me botherd with the music In my head i was hearing a little bit after i took them.Last thing I know i am just staring out into my room wraped up with the blanked all over me draped right over the head.The shrooms soon weard off a hour later and soon got a low iass body high.I felt like shit and was weak in the muscles.I then started to tell all my hommies and my sister wut i saw and how I felt.It was a great expiernce and it showed me a different sperspective of the world.I would never regret all the shrooms Ive ate over the past 8 months but it was awsome.I hope my trip sounded better than it was but u better believe it and go out and shroom...

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