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Satan's Train

Well, let's see, where to begin?

Well, let's see, where to begin? I suppose from the time I started eating the shrooms. Me and a friend decided to throw a going away party for another friend who was leaving for Michigan. The whole night we were all just like, "Man! This would be so much better with some mushrooms." It was odd, because at that time, one of the neighbors came over and said he wanted to talk to my friend Travis. So he went next door for awhile. After about 5 minutes he came back with this big smile on his face. He then produced this huge bag of mushrooms from behind his back. Of course we were all very very happy. There were four of us in all (including the departee's girlfriend) and we all tried to decide how to take these shrooms. After a bit we decided to eat half of them and make tea out of the rest. The next thing I remember I was munching on them straight out of this box top. I kept grabbing more and more and more (Although I didn't take more than my share). I wish I would have counted but I was so stoked that I didn't really care at the time. They then prepared the tea and we all took our sips of the bitter/acrid drink. I think it pounded all of us then.

I noticed that we were all just smiling at each other. I knew why and I'm sure you do too. We all just sat down, put on a Doors CD and took in the music. After an hour or so we were getting really into it. I noticed that everyone had gathered their chairs in a circle and they were holding hands. I felt kind of odd about this, but I joined in too. I could totally feel the energies of our souls mixing and intertwining with each other. We were becoming one. It seemed like we were all spiraling towards the end of the universe together. Then, out of nowhere, I felt the urge to break the circle. I dropped Rain's (the departee) hand and just kind of looked at him for a minute. I was incredibly reminded of the Mad Hatter form Disney's Alice in Wonderland. It was then that their neighbor Eric (not the one who gave us the shrooms) knocked on the door. He wanted us all to go to his house and watch a movie. We all agreed and on we went; although I'm not sure how we got there. Anyway, he knew we were shrooming and he wanted to prepare a little trip for us. This was when the night turned around for me. We all sat down on his couch and he popped Jesus Christ Superstar into the VCR. Now let me tell you this, I've never seen this movie sober so I don't know what it's really like. All I know is that this movie boggled my mind when we watched it. For those of you who don't know, it's a movie about Jesus and his struggles (I think, ???). The odd thing about it is that all of the lines in the movie are sung. And they're not simple lines. I thought and still think to this day that the creators of this movie are geniouses of the highest degree. The lines were hard to decipher but they made so much sense. You could really feel Jesus' tragedy. This movie is very much deeper than I think most people realize.

After about half an hour of this amazing film we started passing a bong around. This is always a good thing when you're shrooming, except this one time. It came around to me with a green bowl. Travis was looking at me and I could tell exactly what he was thinking. "Puff it tuff Derrick." Boy did I ever puff it tought. I lit up the bowl and burned half of it, inhaled the smoke and while holding in the smoke I burned the other half of the bowl and sucked it ALL in. I cleared the entire bowl and didn't cough one little bit. Everyone kind of stared at me in awe. After a while they were just shaking my hand and saying things of high regard in my favor. I was loving it. It was about ten minutes later that Satan himself decided to pay me a visit. I felt this twisting in my stomach. I knew that couldn't be a good thing. After a bit it got worse, and it kept getting worse. I didn't know this until afterwards but the whole time I had this grimace of pain on my face. I knew the devil was inside me. I could feel his deadly hand wraping around my insides trying to force me into submission. I was completely still for the entirety of the film, but the battle that was taking place took a huge toll on my body. I kept hoping that I wouldn't ruin the night for everyone, that was the LAST thing I wanted on the entire earth. I thought I'd end up in a hospital if this kept going on. "So," i said to myself. "I'm going to kill the devil." I went to the bathroom so I could expel him into the toilet and be rid of him. He was tearing visciously at my insides and I was ready to give in. So I sat down on the toilet. It was at this time that I peaked, and let me say this, I peaked FUCKING HARDCORE. All of the world was a white blur and I coulnd't hear much of anything except what I thought was a train. I figured I was on a ghost train on my way to hell and they only way I could stop it was by exploding the train with the power of my mind. I concentrated. I held my concentration as hard and as long as I could. I felt the train go faster and faster as if it were trying to shake me off. I could hear Satan himself laughing. I could hear my friends talking about me in the living room, fearing for my safty. I could hear the screams and cries of people who had failed in this attempt before me. Then all of a sudden I was back. I was laying on the ground with my pants around my knees and Rain was at the door. Everything was normal (not really, but pretty normal compared to the peak). Rain asked me if I was alright. I turned and smiled at him and said yes. He smiled back and he returned to the living room, knowing I was alright. I pulled up my pants and lyed there on the bathroom floor for a bit, thinking about things both good and evil. I wondered what had just happened to me. I was scared for my future but I knew it would be ok.

Eventually the night wound down. We all returned to Rain's place and went to sleep. I still haven't told anyone about the train, except you guys. If anyone has had a similar experience, please feel free to mail me at

I really would like some ideas as to what happened to me that night. Thanks for reading this... Watch out for the devil!

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