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Ok lets just start this off by saying that this was my first time ever doing shrooms.

Ok lets just start this off by saying that this was my first time ever doing shrooms. And let me tell you it was GREAT! It all started with me and my best friend lets call him Sam. After school we went back to his house and took one last look at the bag of stems and caps. We took out the shake and rolled up of join and smoked it then we downed the the whole bage (about and 1/8). We finished eating them around 7:00 P.M. Then we went for a walk then all the fun started. We walked in to the woods then we sat down and looked into the sky i looked up the sky started so move in a whirlpool then it stoped and there was mickey mouse just sitting there looking at me taking hits out of a bong! Then Sam was sitting next to me and he was talking to himself about Satan in the sky and in the woods. At this point I just laughed thinking nothing of it only if I new what was to come to us later on this night. After some time we stood up and walked into the woods all the fallen sticks looked like they were covered in snow. Then i was this one rock that looked just like a figue of a old chine's dragon. Then we keeped walk after looking at it for for 10 mins. We keeped walking and I saw a tree root that looked just list a snake with a big smile. After some time in the wood's we walked to the local 7-11 but befor we got there we had to cross a open field where we saw a white cat and we stoped and looked at it. It looked like the cat was standing in a circle of light then all of a sudden it turned into a pig and ran away. So we contuned to walk to 7-11 where we meet satan. The whole parking lot was filled with cars then all of a sudden all the cars were gone and out of know place a man came about 60 years old tall and thin and he started talking to me I was nice so I answered him back. Then this man asked me if I wanted to die. He said he would kill me so me and Sam got up and ran as fast as we could down the street. We walked back to the woods and layed down and looked into the stars for 45 mins. We had kicked the rest of our Newports so had to get more so we walked back to 7-11 to get them and then we saw our friends the and chilled there some time. And after 1 or 2 we wondered off back and we ended up in a playground where our trip ended. Wow what a night! A night me and Sam will never forget.

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