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rocking chair

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i just ate a 1/4 ounce over a period of,, 30 min i started to gaze of into the wall next to me seeing colors and a wide array of 3d shapes, i was on a rocking chair and all i could do was slide my body weight to move i couldn't talk or hear i was focusing on the walls in front of me and every time i rocked back the walls came right in front of my face and back again to normally i did this for probably 20-30 min until i went so fast i fell right back and when doing so felt as if i was splashing into another dimension,i felt as if my body didn't stop when i hit my head of the ground it felt like fell right through the floor and back up into standing on the ground , i closed my eyes and the real "seeing things" started ,, i remember opening my eyes and trying to remember were i was, i looks up and the ceiling was getting closer to me i felt scared so i closed my eyes and when i opened them again i rememberer just stopping breathing , thinking and seeing vibrant colors and streams of light from what appeared to be a window , then all was OK i was sweating and shaking , then water was streaming out of all corners, i closed my eyes and went into a different dimensions , woke up not remembering anything, my high was over, only to be brought back by flashbacks of being in the room to put together details

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