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The first two times I tripped, I was fine, but it was the third time that really screwed with my head.

The first two times I tripped, I was fine, but it was the third time that really screwed with my head.
I ate a quarter of an ounce of dried mushrooms right before going to a Widespread Panic concert. About 15 minutes after I ate them, I thought my heart was going to explode and I couldn't breathe. We were in a car, so I made the driver pull over and I ran to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and my face turned into this big waffle print and everyone was green and purple and waffled. But it was cool, so I got back in the car. But then, I got this weird feeling in my legs, like when they fall asleep. I had my hands on my legs, but I couldn't feel them, and I thought I had my hands on the legs of the person sitting next to me. Then we got to the concert and things started to get weirder. I couldn't really understand people and I was speaking jibberish. Then all of a sudden I stepped out of my body and into my friend's body. I could see myself walking and I felt like I was my friend. In reality, though, I was just imitating all of her motions.
Then I kind of just slipped out of conciousness and was just walking around without thinking or understanding anything. All I saw was plastic cartoon like robot people all speaking in another language. It freaked me the hell out. I have never been so scared in my entire life. I couldn't think or understand English. It looked like everyone was staring at me and this one man turned into a midget with no arms, even though he was perfectly normal.
At one point in time, a bug bit my face, and when I reached up to scratch it, I thought I pulled out a hunk of flesh from my face and I actually saw blood dripping to the ground.
Well, I never made it into the concert - my friend had to sit with me just outside the gates to the stadium for like 2 hours until I finally came down. I recommend never shrooming in a place with millions of people. It's awful.

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