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Hello This is Omunis.

Hello This is Omunis. This report is from eating thailand cubies. There were a total of about 25 total large shrooms and at least 20 small aborts and a few chunks of the fungus itself. ( it grew real thick about 1 inch) I went to a friends house with the intention of just relaxing and eating a few shrooms. We split them with me getting the larger amount because I grew them. Anyway about 10 minutes after we start eating these we start to feel them. we are already tripping as we eat the last few chunks of fungus. My friend has an alcohol problem and it really bugs me. So after he starts getting really high he starts ranting and raving, I just wanted to relax and have fun I did not want to hear that crap so I left.
I did not want to drive but I had no choice. I drove home and it was just like being in a video arcade driving game. It was hard but I followed all the rules of driving and made it home safely. Then I decided I needed to make friends with my neighbors and I started walking all around my neighborhood I went up to a fish market and I bought some fried fish. As I was waiting there was a tv with the show cops on it. They showed a guy who had gotten shot in the back and this really shocked me, it was like I was really there. It was really confusing with that tv on and trying to buy the fish. Anyway I left there walked all around got lost and tried to find my way home. Everything looked different and strange. When I finally did manage to make it home I found that I had left my car door open That was really odd. I went into my house and that is when things got wierd. Reality totally lifted away. I lost everything I had on me somewhere in the house. I started to get these strange cramps in my body I do not know what caused that but it was really strange. I was rolling around on the floor and couch and everywhere for I don't know how long.I closed my eyes and reality totally left me. I saw these strange collored insects of psychedelic colors. I began to pray as I thought that I might be dying and then everything began to get very religious. After I managed how to turn on the tv again I watch some of the olympics this was very strange because they were talking about god and how God is making everything get better in the world and how the end is coming soon and the good will be taken and it was shown to me heaven and many things like that. I just was in awe of it all. When reality finally came back to me it was exactly eight o clock. There were no after effects and I felt renewed and very good about life. It was very cathartic. I may have to take a lower dose next time. Ok have a good day.

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