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If these lines run together, I am terribly sorry.

If these lines run together, I am terribly sorry. There seems to be some problem with the way the script on this page inserts my line breaks and all the paragraphs look as if they run together. If they do, please bear with me because I think this report is well worth reading (even if I do say so myself). Three years ago, I grew my first Flesh of the Gods from PF spores. Following the PF-TEK, I learned how to make a spore syringe and have perpetuated the species making sure to always print the very first carpophore that goes to spore. By doing so, I believe that I am isolating the most aggressive and potent strain that is produced with each successive crop grown. I have noticed that with each crop, the potency seems to increase and the susceptibility to disease decreases. I grow only a dozen cakes once every six months or so and am always surprised with the results and revelations of the communion that follows the nurturing. Last night, I partook of the Flesh of the Gods once again and was taken away to the realm of the netherworld and witnessed things that have never before been revealed to me before on my previous journeys. The following account details as much as I can recall from the experience. The cakes are on their first flush and are producing a great number of aborts and misshapen mutants: this seems normal for this species of Psilocybe cubensis and I have grown to appreciate the extremely potent qualities of these “freaks” with caps that are multi-lobed like a flower petal, caps that are grown together and stems with no cap at all… I collected exactly 60 fresh grams of these bizarre creatures and proceeded to blend them well with 10 fluid ounces of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. I chugged down the creamy, tart concoction and gave a little shudder not unlike one does after downing a shot of Tequila. I rinsed out the glass and blender and retired to the living room. I had prepared for my journey by taking three large futons and stacking them one on top of another on the floor with the head just in front of the stereo. In the CD changer was a copy of Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumper” disk and on the ceiling a wonderful poster of a Fractal design in neon green, blue and orange with a superimposed Peace symbol. Candles were everywhere and there were plenty of hanging plants and potted bamboo trees on the floor. I stretched out on my luxurious bed of softness and turned on the CD and waited for the coming madness. Within ten minutes I was feeling the beginning of the body-buzz that always heralds one of my mushroom trips. I remember thinking to myself “These things are really pure this time” and felt a little chill set in. I pulled on a favorite blanket and closed my eyes, awaiting for the Closed Eye Visuals (CEV’s) to begin. Within fifteen minutes of drinking my witches brew I began to feel the futons beneath me start to wrap around my body ever so gently and the first subtle CEV’s began to materialize in the darkness of my mind. Subtle interlocking filaments of neon blue wound around each other making a latticework of soft, three dimensional forms that would pulsate and fade into new shapes. Each strain of the music would produce different patterns and colors and different instruments would have their own colors and forms. Trumpet would be accompanied by brilliant sparkles of gold, electric guitar with red filaments, bass drum with converging rings of blue… I could feel each beat course through my body with an electric pulse! At the thirty-minute mark I opened my eyes and was greeted by the undulating fractal overhead that was the poster. It flowed and pulsed as if it was alive and the bamboo trees and hanging plants swayed and grew as if dancing to the music. The light from the candles was brilliant, as if they were 200-Watt bulbs! Everything was beautifully colored and I could see faint, transparent patterns drawing themselves on the white walls as if some ancient being were writing hieroglyphics of some unknown intelligence for me to decipher. A moth fluttered across the room toward one of the candles trailing behind it a line of pastel green that lingered and faded into hues of orange and brown and finally disappeared. The body-buzz was almost overwhelming and I remember thinking to myself “Now the madness begins for real!” At forty-five minutes into my trek, I decided that it would be wise to get up and pee before I lost all of my faculties. As I sat up, I was struck by the tremendous sensation that I was melting into the surrounding undulations of the room. I carefully stood and walked on legs of liquid to the bathroom where I was greeted by the gaping maw of the toilet that was now alive and swaying back and forth. As I relieved my bursting bladder, colorful patterns of green and orange swirled in the water. I looked in the mirror to see a face that pulsed and flowed like gelatin and my pupils were so dialated that my eyes looked every bit like hard-boiled eggs with olive rings on them; there was hardly any of the iris to be seen... just thin lines of color surrounding the dark, deep pits that were my pupils! I tried to make it back to the living room and the safety of the futons but I seemed to be caught in a time-loop. I would start walking down the hall only to find myself standing in the bathroom again. I almost made it to the stereo and was suddenly in the bathroom again pissing rainbows! This seemed to go on for minutes and I started to wonder if I was ever going to make it… Finally, I found myself sitting in the middle of the futons staring at thick, colorful patterns pouring across the warping floor from the melting stereo speakers. I was seeing the music! It had taken me twenty minutes to get up and piss and return! I slipped under the blanket and closed my eyes… Instantly, I was transported to the beginning of the universe. I saw the creation of the Sun and the coalescence of the earth. I witnessed the emergence of the first creature from the sea onto dry land and the evolution and death of the dinosaurs. I saw the extinction and rebirth of lifeforms over hundreds of millions of years. I witnessed and became the birth of the first primate that would evolve to become man. I walked on the Moon as Neil Armstrong and worshiped and wondered at the power and wisdom of God as I looked through the glass faceplate of my helmet at the blue jewel of Mother Earth… listening to the quiet hum of the machinery on my back that kept me alive where no life could exist. I knew, as Armstrong knew, that God has a plan for us and I marveled at what man will evolve into as I picked up a handful of lunar soil and clutched it close to my heart… I witnessed myself in old age and experienced my death. I experienced the final decomposition of my flesh and the crumbling of my bones until nothing remained except the genetic strands of material that once gave me life. These were then scattered across the universe to create life anew and I once again would evolve into a higher form… It was so beautiful that I didn’t want to return… I didn’t want to come back! Finally, I returned to this reality in gentle waves of ecstasy and opened my eyes to find myself back in my living room. The colors were washed out and pale as the undulations of my visual field slowed and ebbed. Everything seemed over-sized and I felt exhausted. I ate a Hershey’s Special Dark and drank a Coke and thought that I had never tasted anything more wonderful in my life… The trip was finally coming to an end. As I turned off the stereo and blew out the candles, I pondered the wonders that I had seen and contemplated the meaning of the revelations just shown me. I closed my eyes and sank deeply into the futons with a smile on my face as the strands and webs of pale, fading colors finally blinked out. I had traveled to another reality and returned safe, my soul replenished, my mind rejuvenated. I had come home.

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