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i am my brain


hello. i just had my first shrom trip last sunday. me and a few friends went out to the back woods of my property, and did some cubensis. we stayed there for a while, until the woods got kinda weird feeling. so then we went inside and started to watch star wars. after a while, we all stopped paying attention and just meditated on our own. after a few minutes of it, i had the fun part of my night. i had my eyes closed, and i started to feel like i was becoming my brain, in a slightly cartoonish way, like a brain with eyes in the front of it, just floating around in my skull, with free movement. i stopped feeling from my neck down, and just felt like i was my brain. i checked out the inside of my head, looked at star wars through my eye sockets, just had fun like that. then i decided "hey, let's check out the rest of my body." so, still being my brain, i started to squeeze down my asophogus. somewhere during the movement, i kinda became my asophogus. then, i became a nerve system stretching from my upper shoulders to my head. so my body started to feel like it was taking this form, kind of like an upside-down T. then i opened my eyes, and it felt like i had a tail. i then continued to watch star wars, and the tail feeling slowly subsided. so, yeah, that was my night. pretty good for a first time, i'd say.

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