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Reality diminished

One saturday me and my friends were at the mall trying to get weed and i had weed coming to me.

One saturday me and my friends were at the mall trying to get weed and i had weed coming to me. So i waited and my dealer called me up and told me he only had shrooms. I said ok and he came by and gave me and eighth of shrooms. I had never done shrooms before andwas really excited about a new creative drug. Me and my two frieds get back to my house and i went in my bathroom and ate all of the shrooms myself. I came out and my friend told me i should have chewed themfor a while to get a better trip but it ws too late then. SO about a half hour after taking them i had still felt nothing so i was starting to get pissd thinkig my dealer ripped me off so we broke out the weed and smoked alot of it. After we were done it was about an hour after taking the shrooms and i was starting to feel a little different then when i get stoned so i said cool maybe they will take effect after all. Boy did they ever take effect. About an hour and a half maybe two hours after taking them i was telling my friends to get out of my house because i had truly lost all sense of who they were. They kept telling me i kew who they were but i couldn't remember them for some reason and i knew my parents were in the room next to me so i figured i better not make a scene and try to kick them out so i let it go and figured they weren't lying.I then rolled around on my floor and could not think straight at all. Eventually i got control of my thinking and i had totally forgot what it was like to be straight and to live normla life. I had lost touch with normla thining and i thought i was going to be thinking like that for the rest of my life. I could not seem to remember what thinking normally and functioning normally was like and dindt know how i was going to be tomorrow. Eventually i layed on my bed and stared into my electricity orb for about an hour and was seeing different things and weird shapes come out of it that i had never noticed beofre when i looked at it. After that i fell asleep and my friends told me how i had whacked my head on my desk and said i didnt feel it at all and how i tried to kick them out and it was funny as hell. That was my first time on shrooms and i will definitely keep doing them, hopefully i will have some sense of reality because the time i took them i had lost touch with everything that seemed normal.

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