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Reality Check "Nothing At All"

Reality Check "Nothing at all" It was about 11:45 in the morning, i was with 4 friends who had never tripped on shrooms or tripped a long time ago , I myself had tripped twice before this,but no matter how many times ive done acid or shrooms i never had such an intense experience until that sunday with these 4 people.

Reality Check "Nothing at all"

It was about 11:45 in the morning, i was with 4 friends
who had never tripped on shrooms or tripped a long time
ago , I myself had tripped twice before this,but no matter how many
times ive done acid or shrooms i never
had such an intense experience until that sunday with these 4
people. We had planned to go to the forest to trip and so we
left my friend kyles house and we got into my friend brians car
Ralf and I each took an eigth of shrooms, about 3.5 grams,
i ate about 14 caps and a bunch of stems,and im guessing ralf had
about the same. about 15 minutes after i took the shrooms i could
already start to feel them and this worried me a little because
i didnt think i would feel them so fast, i had been on an empty
stomach since the night before so i knew i was going to trip
harder than ever having never taken a complete eigth before.
We all got into the car and i was tripping, getting scared as
the trip was coming up really fast, brian started driving away
from the house and off we went. my whole world started spinning
before my eyes and i sort of blacked out while being awake
not knowing anything that was going on. As we were driving
i felt completely fucked up and tuned out from everything else.
I closed my eyes and started to see shades of pink all through
out the blackness of my mind, suddenly i was able to see women
with pink hair singing and dancing around in my head and finaly
i opened my eyes and everythingg around me was going insane, i
told kyle and everyone that i was having a bad trip because i wasnt
used to this much happening all at once, kyle told me to just keep
breathing in and out of my hands and it would be okay in a little bit.
As we started getting close to the forest i could see the trees all
over the place and i was getting really scared. I just about
started to cry thinking i was going into a terrible trip for
a long time and i might have to go and get my stomach pumped out
, but then i can remember ralf starting to say he was
feeling all of the same effects and he just started bursting out
in laughter, it made me feel better knowing someone was tripping
just as hard as i was so i started to calm down alittle, but not
for long. it was time to get out of the car and i was so afraid
because everything was just so over whelming and i felt like i had
been dying back in the car ride having a close to near death
experience. When we got out of the car me and ralf started to look
around and we started going insane saying that this was way to much
of a trip, we sat down on a lunch table bench by a pond and kyle and
brian started eating there half eigths, my other friend angelo
was given just a few caps , as they were eating me and ralf got really
cold from the mushrooms and said lets get out of here. The houses,
the sky, the cars, the Sun , the lines, the clouds, the lights, the
trees started consuming mine and ralfs vision. We all got back into
the car and this is when the trip started to turn pretty great. Ralf
and me started laughing uncontrollably at everything around us, we
both felt nautious like puking and ralf started puking outside of the
car as we were driving while he was laughing at the same time, We
could have cared less about cops or other people, it was just us in
the car and thats all that mattered. I dont remember any parts about
driving , i could just remember tripping to hard. We got to the forest
about 40 minutes after i ate the shrooms and we have this secluded
circular area with a fire pit in the middle, By the time we got to
forest every had at least started tripping a little , walking through
the path i was laughing and puking at the same time and ralf just
kept saying what the fuck is going on, we all sat down at the spot
and went into no reality mode for the next 4 and a half hours. We had
become religious men, We felt like Jesus Christ , We felt God in
our presence , We were god. All we could think that this was the most
real life dream that we thought was way to impossible to be true.
The trees around us all merged together forming beautiful pictures,
the sun was following us, we saw life being born all over again, So
deep into our minds the questions just kept getting answered with no
problem. "Why are we here?" This is why we were put here, This had
to be the answer to that question, to witness the extrodinary powers
of God, ours brains and the universe, We had the key to everything.
By the time everyone was tripping we had forgotten all reality, we
couldnt remember how it would be in school, our jobs, our familys,
money, other people, nothing of that sort mattered. Ralf lying in the
dirt rolling around in the grass and twigs and dirt and mud feeling
the earth all around us, Feeling god all around us. We started the
fire going and we just kept tripping, It was all so physically mental
so physically visional, such a heaven, such a dream that you cant
explain. A trip like this will make you have loss of words and just
make the trip seem so meaningless and fake. Kyle and I took a walk to
the car back down the same path to get our weed and we were completely
in the zone,kyle had said this feels just like a dream and it made
such sense, we didnt even know if we were going the right way, we just
kept on walking through tripping more and more. When we got back to
the spot, Ralf, angelo and brian were tripping a lot, ralf still lying
in the dirt crying at beauty of it all and feeling it all so much,
Angelo i dont think has ever had a trip especially one like this one,
we could see it in his eyes, Brian was in space, Ralf still rolling
around visioning grass and trees growing before his eyes, life being
built and We were witnessing all this with God right by our side.
We couldnt explain it, but life now felt like a complete joke, we
dindt care about it and we didnt want to go back to it ever, this
was eternal bliss. All of our movements, all of our visions, all of
our feelings had such powerful meanings that was changing us right
before our eyes. We kept thinking about the bible and how much sense
it made that psychedelics were the answer to it, were the answer to
jesus and every other religion. God WAS THE MOMENT AND EVERYTHING WE
HAD KNOWN BEFORE THIS IS NOTHING, god is the exact state we were all
in, we were all dead and it felt better than ever. Tears of joy were
in all of us, We had all been reborn and we understood it all, but
still we understood nothing, not a goddamn thing. life makes no sense,
this is where all the sense was, inside of our minds and away from
everything, we needed noone but ourselves and god. The beauty of all
this is that the world could be so dramatically changed right now
and we could all be living in such a different way with no jobs, not
having to worry about money, television, driving, parents, authority.
We were invincible, we felt no pain, if we had been shot it wouldnt
have mattered to anyone becuase life doesnt matter, life is all
bullshit. We talked about everything for hours , time was nothing to
us, time is completely invisble. When we die i feel something like
this is going to take place, not a heaven or hell, this is just what
we feel because we have been so scared. Ralfs dad had called over 10
times but he didnt even know who his father was anymore, he just kept
asking who the fuck is this person calling me, it didnt matter. By
the time our trips were nearing an end we felt like we were going back
to hell which is the earth that makes no sense at all, we all just
wish we could stay with god in that moment, in that whatever it was
forever and ever. As we started leaving the forest, this spot felt
like the most sacred place ever to come and experience something
like that, and as we kept walking out we turned the corner to see the
end of the forest and the car and this was our trip back into reality
once again, we were back in the unknown mysterious hell were in only
5 hours before all this happend. We took our memorys with us and try
to remember as much as we can of it for the rest of our fake lives
until we finaly meet god again for the rest of nothing. Nothing at all.


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