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Reading Minds-Fun and spooky

It happened on a trip to Mexico.

It happened on a trip to Mexico. It was a volleyball tournament with about 2000 people. I had taken shrooms about 15 times by then and had experimented with old,Tibetan chants. They are very helpful because they can help give you a clarity and peace of mind that makes the trip much more enjoyable. If you are in a group, take time to sit by yourself and get on a good vibe. I had become "enlightened" a few years earlier to the "Buddhist Mind" and was very interested in delving into the "power of the mind" on this trip.

Since I was in Mexico, I decided to try and tap into the spirits of the Yaqui's instead. (I could feel them all around me) We were on the coast of Baja and in the evening everyone came back to the beach for a party. About 1/3 of the 2000 people took shrooms-maybe more. I was with about 6 friends and we agreed to meet at a particular spot at a specific time when we were to leave. We all ate our share and split up. I decided to have a little fun with them after about 2 hours at the height of the trip. I could feel I was extremely sensitive to people's feelings and thoughts so I decided to "call" my best friend over to me using only my thoughts. There was almost no chance she could find me in the dark where I was sitting so I felt it was the perfect test. After about 10 minutes she plopped down beside me. I just laughed and laughed and decided to try it with one of the "skeptics" of the group-a female attorney friend of mine. (We'll call her "Betty")I pictured her in my mind and called to her. We were sitting where there was NO WAY she could have found us by accident. I saw her walking towards me after a few minutes and I started to laugh and cry at the same time. The clarity and love in my mind was so intense I felt like I was in a warm bath. She sat down beside me and I just kept focusing on the clarity of the ultimate truth.

She kept staring at me and started to cry and laugh at the same time. My other friend asked her what was wrong. She just looked at me and said "He knows!"

"You mean he knows why you are crying?"

"No -dont you see-HE KNOWS!" He KNOWS! -Betty said.

She kept staring at me and I decided to take a walk. A few minutes later I was dancing with some strangers -just putting out the love to everyone. I looked up and there was Betty -laughing and smiling. I kept focusing on what I call "the ultimate truth" and she kept laughing and crying at the same time.

"Who ARE you? Betty asked. What are you doing to me?"

"I am just trying to show you that there are other ways of looking at things-another Reality thats around you everyday" I said.

We went to the spot where we were to meet everyone. As everyone showed up- she grabbed them by the arm and led them over to me and said "HE KNOWS!"

We were the only ones still tripping but we were comming down slowly. As we were walking to the car I could feel a surge of Shrooms hit me one more time. I focused on Betty and she stopped and started to giggle. I put my hand on her shoulder and said something like "how ya doing there Betty?"

She took my face in her hands (something she would NEVER,EVER do ) and said-"He KNOWS! Can't you guys see it? It's so beautiful!" Cant you see? Look at his face!

Everyone just mumbled and we all walked back to the car.

She never spoke of the experience again. When I asked her about it she refused to discuss it. "I was just trippin"
No big deal. She denied everything the last time I talked to her. Too bad. Denial is what cloaks the mind of many wonderful truths.

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