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Reading minds -Fun and Spooky -part 2

I submitted my first report -then read through many other reports.

I submitted my first report -then read through many other reports. I am a veteran shroomer and I suggest people be very careful and read some of these reports before they take higher doses. Have a safe environment. Have a sober person as a guardian. Avoid winter shrooming if you are in the East. Avoid driving.

I find many of the reports I have read to be VERY COMFORTING. Mushrooms ARE TRULY MAGICAL. THERE IS another reality -just as I had thought. I HAVE communicated with other beings using only my thoughts. Time IS an illusion as we use it here on earth-yet it seems to be a dimension also.

Beings have come to me in my trips and "given" me knowledge. I have felt the experiance of "ONENESS" will all living things-the pure,white hot love in the universe that seems to permeate every atom in existance. The feeling that we are all "GOD" as if we all split from the same perfect ATOM and mutated to our present selfs-whether man,beast or plant-the BIG BANG.

The Earth is our mother. We crawled from her belly and to it we will return. I have seen Buddha several times and his love and happiness is so intense it cant be described. I walk the earth now with such peace knowing that I will not be judged by "God" for I am he and he is I. We are all one.

This website is a true blessing. Please be careful people.
This knowlege is a precious gift. Tell your story. Learn. Do not be afraid-but have infinite respect for life and its beings. When the Demons show themselves,show no fear. YOU are stronger than they will ever be and that SCARES THEM.
The purest love that exists in this world can be found in your own heart. Its crazy to think that Mushrooms showed me this. If my Boss saw this, I would be fired or hospialized! Its a strange world. Peace to all

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