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Rainbow City

Thanks to all for your reports!

Thanks to all for your reports! Here's mine from about
3 yrs ago(rainbow city) that I wanted to share with you.
First I'd like to mention that I hadn't tripped in 3yrs
before this one. I waited 3yrs because I ate shit that I
shouldn't have. It was a mushroom cap with some crud on
the bottom of the bag - I shouldn't have eaten that crud!
If it doesn't look like a psilocybe with some blueing,
DON'T EAT IT! It was a couple hours of knowing exactly
how insane people feel. Also had some splitting of my vision
horizontally (hard to explain), a ripping sound in my head
that lasted a few seconds too long for comfort and angled
vision (everything was tilted). I think there was some
nasty ergot like shit in that crud. Anyway, two years later
I bought some shrooms (definitely blueing psilocybe!) at a
Furthur Festival (I learned my lesson about paying attention
& I will always worship the Sacred Shroom) but didn't
eat them at the concert. I was still antsy about the last
trip and didn't want to freak out in front of my wife.
Speed up to a year later, my wife is out of town and the
shrooms have been in the freezer in a couple plastic bags.
Munched them down, didn't look like much - about 1.5-2gm
I don't remember what I chased them down with. Sitting at
home (alone) on my couch, I went thru the initial discomforts in
the stomach. Then my body (or mind) couldn't decide if I
was too cold or too warm. I wrapped up in a blanket and
went thru a few temp shifts(heated up then cooled down).
I sat up (forget about time passed here!) & I started to
see beautiful & intricate patterns framing my vision (with
my eyes open). This went on I don't know how long then the
visions increased and before I know it I'm whisking down on
this rainbow highway. Think about those cartoons with
the character in a little vehicle taking off over a hill,
up another hill & whisking around another hill. Everything
was in rainbow colors and I whisked(I don't know what I
was riding on, it felt like a disc sled) up & down & around on
the rainbow highway for a while. Then I arrived at Rainbow City! It was beautiful! The closest I can describe it is a japanese pagoda city all in beautiful rainbow colors. I don't know if my eyes were open or closed. I wandered around a little bit in awe at the glittering rainbow colors and the intricacies of the pagoda-like structures with all the colors running thru it as if it were truly alive(I was sitting on the couch the whole time - I think). It gradually wore off & I came back to earth & went to sleep. Felt fine the next day and very glad that I finally connected with universe again... Later on I was wondering if the shrooms were "alive" and the ice crystals and freezing temps that were its environment for the past year got conveyed into my
trip (ice crystals=rainbow colors, freezing temps=cold flashes)... I'll never know for sure, but I sure know shrooms are SACRED... I've tripped a few times since and haven't seen the city, but did have the body temp shifts (probably from being stationary)...

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