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alright this is how it went.

alright this is how it went...

it was new years eve and i ate bout 5 gs and smoked out of my 2 hitter stone pipe. i was with a couple of my friends and they each smoked their own blunts. mmmmbout a half hour in they started kickin in. i had this sudden urge to drink some juice. i got up to go to the kichen and get some and i left my body behind. craziest shit. i have like some kinda weird wallpaper in my kichen with flowers everywhere.but it was so beautiful at the time...it ...was...SCRUMTRULESCENT. there was no other way describe it .my friends told me i screamed that like ten times. i dont know. then i wrote a song about juice with reptar. me and reptar are tight now. but then i fell into some parallel universe that was like.. Dank. then the countdown was at the last ten seconds. i came back for that and the ball was now really pretty. i was sooooo goneeeeeeee after that.and thats my story...ill let you guys know what happens on my next trip on acid ....peace...

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