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Quintessential Via

Dosage: 12 grams of dried mush I ate 12 grams of dried mushrooms.

Dosage: 12 grams of dried mush

I ate 12 grams of dried mushrooms. Not the best decision I've ever made. The trip started about 10 minutes after I ate them. Was I fucked? I was watching TV and the fucking people's faces kept warping. It was annoying as anything because I couldn't even watch the goddamn show.

About forty minutes into the trip, I was just wandering around my house, asking myself why I ate so many mushrooms. The walls were all moving and warping and annoying patterns were appearing everywhere, on the walls, on the floors, they wouldn't back off. Killer complexion, viral infection. Yep.

My mind started working at warspeed, throwing images at me faster then I could process them, before they were quickly erased, and other, new completely unrelated thoughts and pictures appeared. I don't know what caused this, but it put me in a state of panic that was a horrible thing to experience while that high on hallucinogenic mushrooms.

I don't remember so well what happened, but I passed out, and woke up in a hospital bed. Apparently, one of my friends was coming over to pick up his shitty Eminem CD, but I wouldn't answer the door, so he came in and saw me on the ground tripping balls. He sent me to the hospital quickly after.

What a ridiculous waste of perfectly good mushrooms. Don't overdo it, folks, unless you are prepared.

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