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Magic Mushrooms Zamnesia
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Quarter Ounce of Psilocybe Cubensis,...WOW...

ME: 180lbs 6'1" Male 21 at the time.

ME: 180lbs 6'1" Male 21 at the time.

My buddy D***** was returning from Oregon State with 2 ounces of shrooms
and was going to give me an ounce for myself. I prepared by placing candles
everywhere, a few Persian style rugs, and the whole living room had psychedelic posters on the walls. The next day at about 5pm we weighed out 1/4 ounce each. We started chewing and chewed the pulp for about a half hour before swallowing the mushroom pulp. At around 6 pm I started feeling like I was sliding across the floor. I went outside to get some fresh air and notice how bright green the grass was! The ground was moving restlessly like it was anticipating for me. The sky was bright blue, then orange and pink, then purple and red, then dark purple and deep blue. The sun had gone down quick!
I went back in the house after feeling like I was outside for only a matter of minutes and it was 9pm! The whole living room was alive and breathing restlessly. The colors of the room were invading my eyeballs it seemed. I couldn't judge distance. Then I suddenly realized I wasn't alone. My buddy had been sitting in my recliner the whole time just grinning with black looking eyes. He jumped out of his chair and screamed then, sank back down in the chair moving restlessly. I was tripping my balls off. I swear I could feel him thinking. I could feel him panicking. So I then turned off the lights and lit the candles and the lava lamps. His eyes were directed right to the red lava lamp immediately. His grin widened. I laughed then tried to say something but it came out as a groan and a mumble. The dizziness and feeling that I was going to faint was overwhelming so I laid down on my floor. I saw a multicolored fog fill the room. It was sparkling and flashing. I looked at my buddy and he did not seem to be aware of it's existence at all. I let out another mumble and groan. He looked at me and grinned. His smile and eyes seemed to stretch open wider. It was alot brighter with my eyes closed than
open. Every time I closed my eyes there were shapes and kaleidoscopes churning and moving constantly. Whenever I opened my eyes those shapes and things were there more and more. Finally, I realized I couldn't see anything EXCEPT colors. Everything had melted together in one big universal kaleidescope. I was panicking and tried to call out to my buddy but, all that came out seemed to be babble, grunting and groaning. I kept stretching and retrieving my arms like,..like a baby! I was regressing! I suddenly had a flash of a BIG old red barn with a spooky window at the very top. I was standing there and I looked up at my sister. I was a kid again. I was running in the field next to my old house. It was sunny out. I kept feeling cold wet on me though. I saw my old friend Tony. I suddenly felt like I was being ripped away from all of this. The child was fading. The colors were returning. I suddenly remembered that I was on mushrooms and I was older. I couldn't recall how old yet but, it was coming back. I suddenly realized I was writhing in the grass out in back of my house. I was covered in morning dew. It was morning! I finally got back into the house and it was 8pm the next morning. My buddy was still sitting in the chair grinning with those HUGE pupils. I then realized I was still tripping still. I tripped until 11am then passed out from exhaustion. I woke up at noon the next day. WOW,... 1/8 ounce next time,...

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