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Quarter bag crazy

Me and my buddy had been dying to shroom again for a while.

Me and my buddy had been dying to shroom again for a while. So after reading some literature on LSD and mescaline and stuff like that I'd decided that I wanted to try to approach the same type of experience with mushrooms. So then I got a quarter bag a couple days before the day we wanted to trip (friday), and my friend got an 1/8th.

On Friday the weather was all wrong but we went with it anyway, we were both really eager to trip that weekend because we had alot of tests and such coming up. Also I was very curious as to what 7g would be like. So we ate them, with chocolate bars and just chilled. It hit me really fast, I had pretty strong pattern visuals, not much more than 10 minutes into it. I felt so much more anxious than usually and had such a strong body buzz coming on. Another of our friends showed up, and we rolled up a fat one, sprinkled a little dust from the shrooms on it and just went outside to smoke it.

This was the best part of the trip, the campus looked pretty amazing despite the shitty weather, and my visuals got really intense, really fast. So many things seemed to glow, extend, bend, change, they seemed to have a little more spark then when I had an eighth, and I was only maybe 35 or 40 minutes into it. I loved this part of the trip so much, my mind felt so alive and so at peace, like it was tapping into an energy of these things. So many things were coming into my mind, and I was actually comprehending things, and it was blowing me away. Beauty was all I could say to describe the visuals at this point. I just wasn't ready for the peak.

So we got high and we decided to go back to our dorm and we headed inside. This is when shit inside my head went totally crazy. Somewhere along the line, everything around me, just started melting. My room, my friends faces, everything just seemed to be falling apart. I was suddenly hit by a huge wave of total confusion. It was like the feeling you have when you just wake up of not knowing the time or exactly where you're at, not oriented at all, just constantly. I couldn't remember anything or recognize anything except for my best friends. I was just stumbling about outside for a bit looking at, and even coming close to approaching a couple people I thought I knew, but from a different angle, their faces suddenly melted off or seemed to stretch back into place and become what they really looked like. My mind simply took all of this confusion and just deconstructed. I thought I was insane, I tried to wrap my conciousness or my will or whatever around my mind and force it to go with what was happening to it. Some kind of unbelieveable weight seemed to just be bearing down on everything in my head and taking it apart, I felt so scared but at the same time in awe of what was going on. During this part of the trip, my friends (that weren't tripping) for some reason were trying to arrange a drug deal and they were inquiring me about things like money and math when I was in this state. Time seemed to stop where it was, the second hand on the clock seemed to flick forward and then back into place, over and over. Everything was still melting. Eventually my mind was able to retake this climax of insanity and start to turn the trip around, but this was only because the effects had lessened. The rest of the trip went fine, riding in a car, just looking at things, talking with friends in a warm cab. I was still tripping pretty hard for the next hour or so after the peak out, and came down for about another 3 and then finally leveled off at the end of something like a 6 or 7 hour trip. Crazy times.

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