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pure ridicularity

ive tripped a few times.

ive tripped a few times. ive written about all of my experiences, except my last one. i ate 1/8 of shrooms, then 3 hours later i ate another 1/2 of 1/8. i can not even begin to describe what happened. i'll try anyway though. my entire field of vision seemed as if i was looking through a sheet of glass. i stopped existing, and i merged with time. i dont know what else to say. my buddies and i listened to some pink floyd. ummma gummma or something i think. wow. it blew my mind. i was laying next to the cd player, so my friends kept yelling at me to change cd's when one would end, but i couldnt understand what to do, because i had taken significantly more mushrooms than them. in this day and age, the word "awesome" is horribly over-used, but this was a truly awesome experience.

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