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Psychotic Episode

This insane trip occurred on August 10, 1998.

This insane trip occurred on August 10, 1998. The shrooms I ate were homegrown cubensis. I have tripped many times and experienced level 3-4 trips but nothing this downright crazy and extraordinary. Anyway I downed about 12 shrooms. I know, I was probably asking for it. Usually it takes me about 6 shrooms to enter level 3. I soon found out the powers of the shrooms. I proceeded to take a shower when I began to feel the effects. Done taking a shower I went into my room. I became an emotional rollercoaster according to my sitters, which was my mom and my sister. They said I was totally lost after 3 hours and they said it was impossible to talk me down. If it had not been for them I might have done something very injurious to myself. In fact, I did it anyway. They were afraid that I was having a psychological crisis. In a way, I was. I now know how schizophrenic people feel. A list of the things I did: bit a wall, stuck salad tongs in my mouth, hit a wall cuz an alien tried to grab me, pissed my pants, and walked outside. They allowed me to do this in fear I was hallucinating so badly I might not recognize them as people and become violent. During the peak, they said I was totally incoherent. I somewhat remember thinking I was God and they were my servants and everything I saw I created. I remember them taking me to bed and I thought that the bed was going to crush me. I actually couldnt move and my mom said I was cold as ice. The trip lasted eight long hours. My hallucinations at the end were so intense that i thought I had mind over matter cause I saw in my vision that things were moving at my command at the end of the trip. Anyway, the moral of the story; dont make an ass of yourself like I did. Dont abuse shrooms and they wont abuse you. Also, always have a sitter no matter how exp you think you are. And always, when growing a new batch of shrooms, start low and work up to the exp. Now I have to destroy them since 1 bad trip, the only 1 I have ever had. BEWARE OF THE MIGHTY POWER OF THE CHEMICALS PSYCLOBIN AND PSILOCIN. TREAT WITH RESPECT AND CAUTION OR AN EPISODE MAY OCCUR. HEHEHEHE and never get into the stupid saying of: itll never happen to me....if so, eat 15 fresh shrooms hehe

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