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psilocybin psecrets!

None of you are doing high enough doses to really experience the "magic" in magic mushrooms.

None of you are doing high enough doses to really experience the "magic" in magic mushrooms. At doses of 10 grams or so, or about 100 fresh semilanceata shrooms, the real secret behind psilocybin happens. A portal opens up in your mind and your soul flows out into the over-soul and you experience "everything for infinity". Try in 'n see !! You'll be amazed. It's what the psychedelic experience actually is. Like about 500 mics of lsd (about 10 blotters!). Very few people these days are actually experiencing real psychedelic states, just getting stoned or getting "fucked up". At the doses of shrooms i was writing about, you can see through walls and even move your consciousness into other dimensions, if you learn how to controll it like a shaman can. The earth can be experienced and even comunicated with as an entity, you can meet strange disembodied beings and discover yourself fluently talking a foreign language. You can tap into the organic internet and receive perfectly edited historical or future information and data about things happening in other places in the universe. You can experience ultimately your part in a universe that is actually, behind the scenes, a giant neural network, a vast multidimensional information processing system in which you are just like one brain cell in absolutely godzillions of others, a huge ever growing pulsating mega brain, which we in our limited little perceptions call the universe! Aaaaaaaaaaaargh !!!!!! ;o)-~~

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