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primrose hill my second expierience

it was about mid day me and 2 friends where in camden with a box of 40g of shrooms between us.

it was about mid day me and 2 friends where in camden with a box of 40g of shrooms between us we were invited to a party that night which we werent to enthusiastic about my friends wanted to get changed as did i so we went to all our houses on after the other once we arrived at my house i boiled the kettle with 3 cups of boiling water and put it in a thermous flask with the 40g then we got a phone call saying the party was off we went back to my mates and me decided what to do eventualy we decided to go to primrose hill and drink the tea we were sitting on a bench at the foot of primrose hill with our scateboards drinking our mushrooms tea when we notised 3 boys with hoods up looking extremley ghetto walking toward us i started getting paranoid and wanted to leave (this was north london in a park at 11oclock at night by the way) but as they got closer i reconised one of the boys as one of the rudeboys from my school he asked for a sip of my water and in turn passed his spliff to me and my mates sitting on the bench as we were talking and blazing i notised pressure on my chest and began to feal as if i was falling through the bench they left and we bagan to chat as i was looking at one of the park lights i notised different colourd lights begining to shine from the light this gradualy turned into a fountain of multi couloured light and all around the world turned into 2d cartoon much like super mario or sonic the hedgehog on the mega drive i got abit exited as the first time i tripped on shrooms it had bin more like being very stoned with a bit of twistedness thrown in then as a group we decided to walk to the top off the hill. as i stood up the road to the top of the hill stretched off till the top of the hill looked like a 10 mile long treturus mountain pass with jagged edges and fatal drops off each side we got to the top of the hill and notised a man sittin with his head in his hands he turned to me and he had no face it was like looking at the back of a bald mans face he then said to me do you nkow where i can get some realy good weed i burst into laughing much to the shock of my friends and one of them informed me he had just asked for a lighter so feeling a bit embarrised i gave him a lighter he lit his ciggaret and gave it back to me he then got up and proceded to disco dance spinning round punchint the air i asked my friend who was on his first trip what was happening and he told me that the man was just examaning the primrose hill sign as he left a group of posh people walked over and began remarking on the view of london we sat looking at each other laughin quietly till the man looked at us and remarked to his friends lets march on shall we at this point my mate lets out a howl of laughter and the other one repeats lets march on in a fake posh voice we laugh for a good 10 muinets the trip grows gradualy stronget and stronger till suddenly i am in a bubble of air on the moon my friends outside chatting with me on the inside of this bubble filled with a dim light the world inside the bubble is as it would be but outside it is the actual serface of the moon this whole feeling lasted for about 10 seconds but reocurred over and over throughout the trip i looked at the sky and suddenly notised it was as if the heavens had opened i could see a huge illuminati eye in the clouds the 3 corners of the piramid touched the horison in each direction and throuch this i could see thousands of stars moving with thin black legs lke bugs the trip overwhelmed me and i felt as if i was ina semy comatose state but i could still chat and giggle but every now and then all 3 of us would go silent and just watch and all of a sudden begin chatting again we repeated this sycle a couple of times untill we decided to go we lay down on our skateboards and let ourself roll down the hill we must ave bin going at least 15 miles an hour but it felt like about 2million the hill is very long and very steep but when we got to the bottom we decided against doing it again to much effort to walk to the top again we then strolled out into a main road where i realised what was happening and pulled them both to the side of the street we then sat in a front garden of a posh block of flats next to a little pool of water filled with coy carp which then turned into the garden of eaden onfront of my eyes then we began to chat philasophicaly after another hour of philasophical talk and trippin we began to come down we walked toward my mates to end the night still chating philosophicaly as we went as soon as i got into bed i fell asleep one of my friends wasnt the same for about 1 mounth but i felt different for a good couple of days myself like i had done something that no one else exept the 2 people with me had done and how these little square sad people would never expeirience this
all in all one of the best nites of my life

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