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Potent Cubensis!!!!!

I'm sure that many of the stories you'll read here rated level five are much more intense than this one is, though I know that most of them are blown up to look better than it was, but this happened.

I'm sure that many of the stories you'll read here rated level five are much more intense than this one is, though I know that most of them are blown up to look better than it was, but this happened. I'm not an experienced shroomer, but I know the lingo, dosage, and everything else. At my school, they were selling quarters of cubensis for 10$. I bought two as oposed to the ritual 20 sack I bought every Friday. It was 6th period and I had about 45 minutes of school left. I went in to the bathroom and ate a quarter(half of all I had) of the dried shrooms all to myself. As any experienced tripper knows, a quarter is a good amount, but not a "magic carpet ride". A ate the whole deal in about 10 minutes. Suprisingly they weren't that foul, and I kinda liked munchin on them. I went out, got a drink at the fountain, and went to my class. I was a Teachers Assistant in the library, and was putting books on the shelf in the back. My friend Jessica was with me waiting anxiously to see how the shrooms would effect me(she'd never tripped). About 20 minutes after the last shrooms went down, I felt a little tingly and clammy. My hands were cold so I decided to just sit there, chill, and talk to Jessica. By then minor visuals were occuring, and the walls were breathing, I was cool, enjoying it. The bell rang and school was over. I rushed out to my friends car, and waited. I looked up at the clouds which were liquid and flowing in to eachother, merging. I was digging this. My friend finally came and drove me home. I went in side and loaded a fat bowl in my little bong and me and my cat Sam shared some tokes(though i had to help him because he doesn't like the hits, only the high). My shroom high left for a little bit, as I concentrated on taking those tokes. Finally, my last hit, I took it, my head fell back, and I blew out the smoke which was blue and made a strong "WHOOOSH" sound. I felt like I blew out part of my soul. I watched it disapate. Now it hit me. Everything was moving, breathing. I watched waves run through my wall. I went over to touch it and my hand went through the moving wall. I was amazed. I have a picture of Led Zeppelin up on my wall, and I could see them playing(it was a concert poster), which I dug, because I'd never seen them live. I sat through The Song Remains the Same, and Black Dog, and the first part of Rock And Roll, and decided I better go and enjoy my trip elsewhere, which wasn't very far. I went to my window, which curved around me. There were boxes on my window with beautiful flowers growing in them, like a victorian thing. I looked outside. The sky was black and white spots(birds?) flew among it. I started to feel like I might loose control of my trip if I kept letting myself go like this, so I sat down on my bed. Then, I noticed that there were arrows running through everything. Little multi-color arrows, pointing in no particular direction, but all flowing in the same fluid place. I layed down and closed my eyes. I felt as light as a feather, and delicate as a wine glass, seriously. There was this pulse running through my body that was so strong and loud that it hurt. I can't remember what happened in the next hour and I wont even try to recall. I don't know how, but I ended up outside with my friend, and we were sword fighting with Japanese bokkens and I was fighting for my life(which i actually enjoyed). My friends head was strangley doubled over. He kind of looked like a mouse. Anyways, my trip was wearin down to normal and I enjoyed the rest of it. That night I took a shower and was shocked to find I has shaved all my pubic hair off and tried to draw it back in with a sharpie or something. I had a star drawn on the tip of my penis, and I think the dried remians of ejaculant on my thigh. Like I said, I don't even WANT to recall what happened in that hour. It is best left unknown. I have since quit drugs, but like to reminese sometimes. This was definately one of the best times I've had, and definately the truth. So I guess, be careful with the amounts, the potency varies too much, so don't fool yourself in to taking 20 times the high you thought you were going to get.

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