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Poor planning lesson

Now it’s time for me to pretend I can remember everything that happened, and that I can put any of it into words.

Now it’s time for me to pretend I can remember
everything that happened, and that I can put any of it
into words.

Setting: A beach. We’d been to the beach many times
in the past and hardly ever seen anyone else there. We
figured it was a safe place to have privacy. We planned
on going, telling a bunch of friends to go. In the end
there were five of us, and all of us ended up
shrooming. This was my second time tripping, and the
first time had been very mild, so this time I gave myself
a more generous dose. While dropping the shrooms,
we smoked a blunt, to reduce the nausea and
encourage us to keep eating. Most of these times are
probably inaccurate since I’m totally making them up
based on what my reasoning tells me.


We just dropped the shrooms and smoked the blunt
and are walking down the side of the beach. I’m pretty
high. We come upon hundreds and hundreds of blue
and clear jellyfish that have been washed up by the tide
in a line, forming the shape of the highest tide. We run
back to our stuff, grab cameras, and take a bunch of
pictures of them.
After that we walk back to where we settled, with all our
peanut butter and bread spread out in a very obvious


We were talking for a while about whatever, and I
looked down at the sand and saw that the sand was
making out patterns for me, with each grain acting like
the pixel of a computer screen. An example of one of
these patterns would be some clipart goldfish just
swimming to the right.

After seeing that and knowing that the trip was picking
up, I decide to try closing my eyes and seeing what
there is to see. With my eyes closed, I am on a roller
coaster made of neon lights, flying through a pitch
black world with vibrant streaks of light.

I found my way back over to the group, and when I was
looking at Bram’s face, he leaned his face forward to
listen to someone, and his skin stretched, and the
texture of his skin formed lines of tension. Out of these
lines of tension opened several eyes.

10:50 AM

Someone pointed out the rocks in the distance, and
how it made a sort of face. The plants in the rock were
dripping water, and the water was making tears on the
face, but I don’t know if the tears were real or not
because no one else saw them. I am overcome with
an absolute sense of pure and complete glee. After
looking at the rocks around the beach, I become so
happy with their beauty, I am laughing harder than I’ve
ever laughed before. Tears are gushing from my eyes
with happiness.

We sit around for a while talking about whatever, and
our surroundings. The entire time with the pure sense
of pleasure.


As I lean back into the sand, my hand slides under the
sand. When I see this, I realize that my hand is not IN
the sand, it is PART OF the sand. My mind is overtaken
by feelings of having returned home. I exclaim “I’m
home! I’m home to my wife! The Earth! The Earth is
my wife!” I roll over into the sand, exposing as much of
my surface area to the ground as possible, with my
mouth open and face planted in. The border of my
body and the Earth melts away, as I am one with my
true love. Extremely sexually charged feelings of having
returned run through me as I caress the ground. My
mind melts away from “reality” and turns into a barrage
of voices, colors, earth, sand, sun and love. I no longer
am aware of a physical body. My mind is living in the
air, flying at millions of miles per hour, making love to
every ray of sunshine that passes by. The image of my
hand reached into the sand as one recurrs often, and
the sun has a face. Eyes fly over the sun and through
the air. The sky is composed of a lava lamp type
barrage of colors, constantly changing, too fast to keep
track of. The border between the inside of my body and
the outside of my body melts away the same way the
border between my body and the earth melted away. I
allow the Earth to freely flow over my body, and through
the inside of my body, as I am one. Swallowing was
not what I did to the sand, it was freely allowed to flow
through me.


While reality had not even been a consideration before,
for a quick moment I see an image that I recognize as
the “real” world. It is a woman’s face looking down over
the cliff at us. We are all tripping out, and I realize this
added company will make for a serious threat to our
safety. But before I can do anything more than realize
that, I am swept back up into my other hyper space
universe. I strain to get a peek into “real space” again,
and hear someone say “don’t worry, she’s just walking
her dog.” and I quickly slip back into my blissful state of
infinity. But once again I get an image. It’s a man
walking down the stairs to the beach, wearing some
brown jacket that could be a police uniform. I quickly
leave reality again, but this time, I am scared. I strain
as hard as I can to grab a visual image from the world
where my body is, but I can’t. I start freaking out. I have
no concept of time, and I begin to believe that I’ve
already been arrested. I see an image again, of the
back seat of a car, with the police officer over me,
saying “Calm down! You’re going crazy! You’re not
coming back!” I go into a terror world. There is nothing
but fear and hate surrounding me like a harsh tornado
that I am stuck within. The vibrant colors are gone, the
only color left is fear. Another image comes, and now
the man I thought was a police officer is on the beach
looking off at the waves. Someone says he isn’t a cop,
but everyone’s yelling with fear. I’m still on the beach.
The scared voices I hear echo in my mind, twisting and
distorting. Now I see that a family has come to the
beach. I struggle to join the group, who are huddled
around our possessions. I manage to hold myself to
the ground long enough to crawl by them and lay down.
I fear all of our actions are suspicious, and encourage
everyone to go to sleep, or pretend to, because that is
one of the most basic human functions, so no one
should get suspicious at that sight. I close my eyes
and slip halfway into my other universe. The other guys
are off doing other things, and I decide we’re all going
to be arrested if we don’t get off this public beach. So
bit by bit, fading back and forth between reality and the
other existence, I manage to pull myself up to start
getting things together. We all walked up the stairs, all
of us still tripping except Chris, who apparently hadn’t
gotten much of a trip at all.
At the top of the stairs, Jake made it clear that his world
was hate, and he was obviously very deep in a horrible
trip. I pointed to the sky, and told him what a beautiful
day it was. I told him our world was a world of love and
beauty, and no matter how much hate there was
following him, it would be included in our higher
civilization of love, accepted as anything else would be.
This pulled him out of his bad trip and I felt incredibly
good, realizing how horrid the hell he had been in was.
Once we got to the car, we all got in and sat there.
Bram was still on a very paranoid bad trip and wanted
us to all be in the car with the doors closed and
windows rolled up. This continued for about three
hours, which I’m not going to summarize because my
trip was definitely just about over.
In retrospect, bad planning of location threw us through
the depths of hell, and could have even gotten us
arrested. Note to self: In the future, get private location,
although the beach was incredible.

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