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polar psilos 1

Well, that's already a couple of years ago.

Well, that's already a couple of years ago. I had been in the polar circle and was staying with the people we call laps. They call themselves semen and invited me to eat some small ones. It was my first mushroom trip. I had taken other things before. We all ate the psilos without touching them. Just eating them right off from the meadow. 28 little pieces and I was not aware of what was to come.

It was a 16 hour journey. From the afterrnoon to the early morning in a clear polar summer night. We were sitting in the big semen-tent around the fire. The semen speak among themselves a swedish dialect of the middle ages. Still a germanic language. I speak german, dutch and some of their dialects. Under these circumstances that was enough preparation to joke with the semen in their own language.

When I had come back, I was not able any more to talk to them if not with some of them in English. They confirmed that during the night I had communicated clearly with them in this old swedish dialect.

Thats 22 years ago. Now I live in the tropics and I never got back there but I have still not lost these longings to see and feel again what I had experienced.

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