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Pink Buffalo

My mom had just remarried and the family that was in town for it went up to our cabin in northern wisconsin.

My mom had just remarried and the family that was in town for it went up to our cabin in northern wisconsin. In all there were 18 people staying there some inside some outside in tents. The cabin is on a lake and has a screened in porch on the lake. My friend a espiring mycologist gave me 6.5 grams of freshly dried to a crisp pink buffalo mushrooms from his archive of strains. The first night it rained so I put it off to the next night. The family was up in the living room watching my aunts home videos from her last trip to nepal, thailand, and cambodia. I slipped down to the screened in porch with my glass jar full of magic and a bottle of orange juice. Chewed the mushrooms to a mush and chased it down. I cant give too many details because vh1 behind the music Bob Marley is playing right and i want to watch it. Wierd cause i had his music playing on my headphones that night. Only vague yet difined moments I'll list. I sat inside the porch pondering the future and watching the structure bend and sway as if in the wind. After about 3 hours suprisingly I was still tripping increadibly hard so I decided to leave the cage and went to the end of the pier to dance with the world. Out there the moon light was pretty great. I was unable to tell the differnce between the trees and their reflections but that didnt bother me. It was 2 and i wanted to lay down in a bed so i set off up the hill to my cabin. Various members of the family had brought dogs and when I stagered closer they barked. I hurried inside the babies started crying and out of the darkness came voices of "whos there?" I replied knowing who i was "Its me im going to sleep". My cop uncles voice came from across the living room said "wierd" i replied to the darkness "your wierd". Staggered to my room and laided there having fun until 4:00am.

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