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Perscecuted Preacher

The place, Miami FL.

The place, Miami FL. The event, Bob Marely Festival.

I dropped 13 hits of liquid acid I bought from some kind soul at the show. I set up my blanket and established my spot nice and close. Decided I would go for a walk. As we all know there is nothing like a good walk. I wondered about the concert grounds admiering all the weed hopla. Went to the porta potty and the blow begins waving for me. Nice the fun has begun. As I leave the John. The whole world is better some how.
I begin to head back to the blanket. People passing by trace. My body begins to tingle. Chills up and down my spine. Ocationally my body will shake. My limbs become more loosy goosy. I feel like a giant looking down at my feet as I tread throught the grass. A huge smile is on my face now. Not looking susspitious though because everyone around is stoned out of thier minds not me though didn't need any of that to day.
When I return to my blanket I felt as though I had compleated an oddossy. I sit down and enjoy the music. say to a group in frount of me "I'm as high as money can buy" they chuckle.
This is the best I have felt since the Grateful Dead show. I would be a fool to wast this day sitting here. So I gett up and begin to dance. I notice, there are lots of people. All in thier own little croud of friend. Hardly any one else is dancing. I notice there are a lot of eyes on me. I am realy getting into the music.
By this time I have taken off my shoes and shirt. They were restraining me. I felt more fee this way. The stage was bending around me. I accidently trip over the people behind me. I appologize. They ecept. stand up and see many many eyes on me. they saw I had gotten a little out of control. I put my put my hands out and kind laugh at my self. and jester that we are still cool everthing is cool.
It is still light out. A song about Weed comes on. I pretend to be hitting a blow. I move my lips talking to the croud put with no volume. things like "smoke smoke out, get high we gotta get stone. I pretent to plant some Canabis Sativa then pick it's bud's proced to smoke it. I get a whole latta laughs.
I was the center of many peoples attention by now. I was like a jester. Then I streched out my arms and wiggled my fingers then pretended to smoke a bowl a> swating and dancing all the whial I am mouthing "give it to me let me have it. I seen many people smokeing out. I take out my prepacked glass peice and proceed to hit that shit standing up right in the middle of all the attention.
I dance and dance and dance. I get realy gooffy. I have lost all sence of ego by this time. I am not a cool guy I am just a human being. Everone else is not a guy in an addedis hat or wearing a Dead shirt everyone is a person. I fealt a strong connection to every one at the show. Gatered together for peace and fun.
When I make eye contact with someone. They smile then turn away. this happens over and over. I think to my self all these people but none of them reaching out to meet one another. People would stare at the stage for long periods of time. In thier own little world. Sorounded by all these people yet so alone. Sociologist call this a lonely croud.
It's like people saw That I was having fun and they wanted to have fun too. but they couldn't because people might judge them or make fun of them. I was beyond that didn't care I was above that. It was so clear to me to just have fun forget others that my riddicule u.
I also felt like I was stilling the spot light. I wanted to be humble I didnt want to be better than any one in any way I just wanted to have fun with them.
Finelly people have began to stand up and the night was begining to fall. Something about the night "now that it's night now I can have fun. anyways. People are just swaying back and fourth or tapping their foot. What the fuck is this I thought to myself. This is a rock and roll concert where is the fun. So I approch some one and get close to them and point my fist at them and put it to my chest. Non vocally expressing this fealing of connection I had with this person. I had thier have thier attention. I look em in thier eyes and keep looing at em in thier eyes as I dance. He too begins to dance.
I realize he is now the odd ball out in the eyes of his friends. So I do the same to a couple of them. I had about five people finaly starting to have fun. As I turned to the next group of people it was obvious I wanted them to dance. so they started too. I Tried to help a few people to thier feet. some excepted my invatation others refused. I know thoughs that refused felt foolish wants dancing became cooler than not dancing. My original groug of friends were slacking off a little of I went over and livlyed them up. To think all these people nedded was an invitation.
All I can make out are the people that are close to me. Everything else was just colors and passing blurs. OH yeH I could see big buildings in the distance. Never been to an outdoor concert in the city kina wierd.
I just motioned people up and lot's of people started grooving. I fealt I like I had single handedly gotten a large portion of the lawn into the party groove. I was proud.
I went crazy. jumpping about and fealing more alive than ever before.
Then came the heat. I was to gone to know what was going on. I tried to gett the cop into the groove to. He tried to hand cuff me. I didn't like that. We had a big wrestaling match. Him and all his back up managed to restrain me. They waltzed me out. I felt like the guy that had toooo much fun. I never broke the law. They were just jelous. In to the car I went.
I did not like being restrained. I tughed and tughted at my rstraints some how broke then and broke the glass in the car. Then I was tiered I had been partied out.
I thought I had died. I could hear my parnts that were thousands of miles way. I tought I was in heven. I woke up in a jail cell.
I have never learned so much in one day. I will never forget that trip for as long as I live.

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