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This story is about my friend and I.

This story is about my friend and I. It was friday night nothing to do so we called up our shroom hookup and after 20 min. he came over with 10 gs of thesse hydro shrooms. My friend and I each decided to take 5gs each(smart idea at the time). He had never shroomed before and i had and even the dealer said it was a bad idea to take 5gs of these shrooms. Anyway we took them and we can up quickkkk after about 20 min i was feeling a huge trip coming on. We were tripping and having a great time. I put on Lateralus and my emotions went with the music also I started to feel really sick after an hour or 2 and I ended up throwing up. I was still tripping a little bit and I noticed my friend was talking to himself on the bed I started trying to talk to him and he wouldnt respond. He began to turn on and off the light and i relized he had pissed his pants and it was all over the bed. He had peed like 4 times. I was still kind of tripping and my brain was trying to think of what to do. Anyway he finally came down and passed out(i dont know how) after a 6 hour trip.

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