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Pedal to the Metal

After fasting for the day, I ingested 5 dried grams of psilocybin mushrooms at 9:00 pm.

After fasting for the day, I ingested 5 dried grams of psilocybin mushrooms at 9:00 pm. Prior to ingesting them, I had prepared myself by getting a massage, drinking a warm cup of tea, and making sure my bedroom was set-up
for maximum darkness and comfort.

This was to be my 9th level 5 trip. In order to attain a level 5 trip,I believe that one should take 5 grams of dried mushrooms in silent darkness as prescribed by my mentor, Terrance Mckenna. It has been because of these
level 5 trips that my life has become what it is today- a blessing!

In my level 5 trips, I die at least once, sometimes several times. This one was no exception. The difference in this trip was the way in which I died.

The trip began in much the same way as others: the coming on effects, then the colors and visuals. But the difference with a true level 5 trip is that you are quickly jettisoned into the presence of an entity that some
would call "god." And so it happened with me this time.

I knew that this trip was going to see me dying and I am aware that in order to experience death of self and ego that one must "let go" into that death. One must let it happen. The entities that I came into contact with
on this trip were asking me to let go into death and I agreed that I would.

That is when I was suddenly engulfed in white, hot light. All I could see and feel at first was this hot brightness. My eyes adjusted and I saw
that the earth was quickly being turned into desert. Sand began to blow around. Things that were living plants were shriveling up around me and I was growing very thirsty. My skin was feeling dry.
The sun was so hot that I knew how I was going to die in this trip(which, I should point out, that at the time, I had no idea that I was tripping. This was actually happening, folks, as real as me typing this
into my keyboard right now!). There was nothing to cover myself with and the sun was quickly killing me.

I said my prayers and tried to sing but my throat was so parched that I was unable to utter a sound. I knew that I was dying and it was hurting very badly. Then I remembered that I was to surrender to death and that is
all I had left to do.

Then all turned to love. I was floating on this sea of everything. The place where all souls come from. The place where there is no judgement, no "I", no separation. It is what many call "oneness." And let me tell you, that is where the answers are. That is where you are allowed to see with clarity and great understanding. And you can bring it back with you when you return to your earthly body.

When I get to that space, I am often times seeing life through others eyes, be they humans, or animals, insects, or rocks. I live their lives and think what they think, and feel what they feel. It is what the magic is all
about. It is about our connection to all things. It speaks to me like no other experience ever has!
As I came back into my body, it was as if I had come back from outer space and that my body had burned on re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. I was also conscious of the death that I had just experienced and literally
felt my skin burning.

When I finally felt Earthbound enough to leave the silent darkness of my room, I got out the aloe vera gel and started spreading it all over my body. My death on the other side had been so powerful, so real, that I
literally felt like I was still burning. It was my girlfriend who pointed out to me that I was not even red or hot to the touch. Bless her heart, she
had waited downstairs while I died and went to Heaven. I'm so glad she was there to point out that I was not on fire! She, too, has done the 5 gram silent darkness trip. She knew what I was going through.
It is now three days after the above experience and there is no way that I can ever put it all into words. The stuff that happens to you in a true level 5 trip starts up where language leaves off. There is just no way
to explain what happens to you on the "other side."

I implore anybody who reads this to not dabble in the use of these mushrooms. They want us to heal and live better lives. They want to see us do the very best that we can. They want us to practice dying so that we can
help others in understanding and not fearing their own death.

Death is inevitable for all of us. Get used to that. Practice makes perfect and the process will make your life better while you're here on planet Earth.

Use these mushrooms wisely. 5 grams in silent darkness. Do it by yourself. No music. They bring their own boombox, believe me. Don't leave your space. Shut the phones off. Have no electrical or electronic gadgetry
on in your room. It is a good idea to have a quart of water next to your bed, some kleenex, and a bucket in case you have to urinate.

Respect the power of this sacred fungus. It is very powerful medicine. It is not meant to party with. The mushrooms present themselves for healing and growth. Please don't abuse them.
For the human race, for yourself, for your sanity as things get weird on Earth, check out life on the other side. It is through dying that we will learn how to live. And we all know, somewhere inside, that we people
really need to learn how to live! Thank you for your consideration.

May you "die" sometime soon. Brother G

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