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Ahh.... Hurricane Bonnie,We had fun..A good friend of mine happened to get a hold of a OZ of potent home grown Cubs'.
They were mystical little creatures,only to be treated with absolute respect. We all live in Wilmington NC, where the storm was supossed to hit dead center. We all went to my best friends house. It was Me,my boyfriend,my bestfriend,her girlfriend and her girlfriends roommate.I bought an eighth for 20$ to split with my boyfriend.We also had a few Ten strips of White fluff LSD. That would be divided later. 11am. THE day of the Hurricane.
We all showed up at H's fathers house.I had brought Alice in Wonderland to amuse myself during the trip, not even thinking that we would have no power. We all cramed on H's bed to dose. we ate our shit and waited for it to kick in.
I put on Alice.. and soon lost intrest, I love the transition when you first start to trip, that tired yawning feeling, feels like you are going into a dream. I layed there with my boyfriends arms around me sharing love. Then we decided to go outside to smoke and see how the storm was picking up. Let me just tell you the Aww and sheer intensity of watching a hurricane on mushrooms. It was so intense yet so beautiful! The trees were bent just about over to the ground and the wind howled as though screaming to be let free. It was so fucking intense. all 5 of us in H's back porch,trippin nuts. I just squatted on the steps with my mouth open staring at all this, this absoulte chaos, but at the same time it was absolutely organized. It was the shit!!! THE POWER WENT OUT. Ok, so here I am amidst a hurricane trippin psilocybes with no power. I never realized how much power is needed. Luckly I had brought a Cd player with some batteries in it for us. Sara Mcluglin sp?
was playing in the backround. It was beautiful.I had complete and total ego loss which was also beautiful! :)

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