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Peanut butter and Jelly

SUP guys if you have never tryed mushrooms u have too!

SUP guys if you have never tryed mushrooms u have too!!

Well I have done shrooms about 3 times but my 3rd time was kinda the best and kinda not. I took them over at my friends house, not sure about how many grams but took 5 mushrooms stem and cap on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which does not taste bad at all. I made a sandwich for me but i put it down for a second so I could smoke some weed. Make sure you have weed with you cause it clams you down and puts you in a happy mood. but anyways i put my sandwich down and the doggg ate it, i was pissed and Nick the owner of the dog was scared lol but i thought it as kinda funny even though i had to pay for it.

Before i started to trip I told my friends Nick, and David that we need orange juice cause the taste of it when ur tripping is great, its so different.

So we decide to walk to my house which is just down the street, So we walk all the way to my house and on the way i start to trip, it starts to hit my slowly. By the time we are at my house I am tripping and my dad is there so i don't go inside and we turn around to go back to Nicks house, but nick thought it was good idea to go into the woods to get to his house. So iwas like why not. We were walking laughing and everything, and my friend nick said he started to see spider webs everywhere, I was like there might be jsut keep walking who cares, Then my mind started to drift I was like pulled away from life, i could hear and see my friends but it was different, everything was slow and it seemed like i kept sayin the same thing over and over, " WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET TO UR HOUSE" i said it about 10 times. about 10 mins later we get to his house well i don't know if it was 10 mins but i am guessing. Cause when you trip you have no clue wat time it is. Time can go slow or fast.

When get back to nicks house and his dog is trippin jumping around and braking, this freaks me out alittle but i deal with it. and walk in to nicks basement. I sat down but didn't like the feeling, something was not right, so I got up walk to david and said i had to bounce i can't stay here, he was trippin to so i don't think he understood wat i said.

I walk outside and get in my car, Driving on mushrooms was the best thing i ever did, I can't explain wat i was thinking while i was driving, but when i took a right turn, i took it then my mind took it again but i was going stri8, its hard to understand you have to find out on your own, just don't go on any major roads.

I got to my house but my dad was stil lthere, and i said to myself i will just go up in my room and lock the door i should be fine. So i walk up in my room and lock the door, I sit down on my bed and my mind starts roaming again. I felt hot so i turned the air on, but then i felt cold so i turned it off i kept messing with the air hitting it, i don't know why i just did. Then i started walking in circles in my room, cause i had nothin to do. And i layed on my bed, but then i started going crazyyyy i wanted to bite my arm, cause my mind was just racing about different things. So i get out and walk in the bathroom and turn on the water, But my mind starts roaming again so i lay down on the floor thinking this is a really abd trip. I get up walk to my brothers room just trying to find something to do. But i can't my mind is just playing tricks on me and i wanted to scream, So i call my brother and tell him he needs to come home cause i am have a bad trip. (He was at work). So he says, can you wait 20 mins. I say "I think so". i hang up the phone and 2 mins later my mind starts racing again and i can't take it. So i call him back and tell him he has to come home now. Then he says ok i will be there in 5 mins. So i waited

When he gets home i am laying on his bed he comes in and says wats wrong. I said i can't explain and just lay there. Then he bends down close to me and says "Chris don't let the drug over take your mind" As soon as he said that i started feeling bettter. And he says " what do you want to do, get some bud will that clam you down" I told him maybe it will.

So he said ok hold on let me call JD (our bud man). So we get in his jeep and he trys talking to me, but i don't really listen i am just looking around. He turns on the kottonMouth Kings CD, which is just like alot of colors flashing. This was the coolest thing i have saw before, just the colors were so bright and cool looking. so we pick up the weed. By this time though my trip has come down alittle and i have it under control. then he calls his friend wes, so i can have someone to trip with. so we go to his house and i feel fine, I roll a blunt and smoke it wes takes the mushrooms and everything is perfect now. AFTER that me and wes had the funnest time.

Tips, never be alone when you take mushrooms, have someone you can trust and that you think won't have bad trip, make sure you also have some bud to clam you down and roll the blunt before you take them. after 45 mins is when you start to trip the hardest most the time just remember its a drug and don't let it over take your mind, and after about 3 hours you feel like your god. or atleast i did and i could not stop laughing

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