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PBR and Cubensis dont mix

I have done alot of drugs befor.

I have done alot of drugs befor...i mean alot(pot,booz,coke,pure mdma,shrooms, san pedro mescaline)the list goes on, in fact the only substances i really want to try that i havent had are lsd and dmt. but anyways mushrooms were allways my favorite they always seemed to do the work for you, if u no what i mean. i have shroomed about ten times all higher doses (the lowest was 3g then 4g usually5.5)every time i shroomed it was off a variation of the cubensis(i lived in Oregon) babies, dino caps, indoor ect. In july i went to Eugene to get a 1/4lbs for 200 bucks, my plan was to have them gone in 3days and have 500$(its good $). the the night i got them i ate about 4.5 grams and it was a good trip, very visual w/ lotsa breathin. the next day i wasnt plannin on trippin but i was w/ 7 good friends and they were all gonna trip at an unsupervised house, hehe.
it was about 9pm at this point i had already drank 5 pabst blue ribon(shit beer)and i decided to shroom with my buddies. they ate 2g-4g, i was on a empty stomach (aside from the beer) and i remember thinking that my tolerancewas high so i should eat ate least 7g. (new users, dont do this 2-4g of any spieces is plenty)in the end calculating my dosage based on people telling me and cash and fungi left over i had anywhere from 13.5-20g(closer to 14), this is a potentially lethal dose.
after the 8 of us ate them we smoked a bowl and then i realized there was too many people at the apt. so we got into 2 cars and went to a spiral parking garage and drove up it(really trippy) then we arrived at the house and we all decided that this was going to be a strange one, we all had weird vibes and couldnt believe that we were driving in this condition. Personally i felt like i was in the house from "clue" i was with 7 other paople who had no idea what was goin on. i remember being sick to my stomach but i couldnt puke. (btw, this is only about 2hrs after we ate them) my friend kevin was tellin me it was hittin him hard and he said "i dont know whats gonna happen" and that image/audio of him saying that kept playing in my mind, now i was convinced that i had ODed and would die. i told them all i was going to die and that i was ok with this. then i closed my eye and fell back on the couch. to my dissapointment i had only blacked out. however for the next 9 hours i thought i was dead and in heaven. i saw every one i ever new and there faces were morphin into other peoples faces. this was enjoyable/beuatiful/spiritual. although in reality i was flailin and loud and eventually went to the hospital and took out two large security. i am only 5'7 155lbs and the only sports i do is rugby (but i am very peaceful), i dont no how i was able to do that. the doctors and security were gona press charges but found no coke in my system so they didnt. when i woke up heaven turned into hell. i saw people only my mind couldnt identify them as people, it was like seeing a human for the first time, and i thought the iv needle was goin to be placed in my dick hole?!?! i was terrified!!
in the end i would say it was a good trip. i learned so much about death and life and myself. i havent tripped since then and i am in canada now and i plan on makin use of the local cyanessenc this fall if any one has expierence with pickin or eat them let me know. i mostly need advise as to how long do they take to grow as soon as the rain comes? email me Mikebarkski@yahoo.com

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