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Paying a visit to hell

I am writing this the morning after my trip.

I am writing this the morning after my trip. I dont have enough real memories of last night to figure out what really happened. But this is what happened in my mind and this is what i saw under the influence of 4.5 g's of really potent shrooms. I still have to find out what happened but i dont know if i can even face my friends due to the fact that i'm sure everyone is pretty pissed at me, and i know i'v done something bad... I just dont know what.. But anyways, here's how it goes...
I was with my 4 closest friends... I'll just name them by numbers... so 1, 2, 3, 4.... We had planned to trip weeks b4 and the trip was going to take place in 1's house because 1's parents were leaving for the night... 1,2,3 and4 all got together at 2's house and i had to go pick them up from there and drive to 1's house. When we got there we had to wait a while before 1's parents would leave before we could chew. But since 3 had to be home around 12 and i had to drive 3, we had no choice but to chew while 1's parents were still home. so we did..I remember that i chewed about 4g's and then another half gram later on... But as 1's parents were leaving the effects started to kick in quickly. I had eaten mine at about 6:30 and 20 minutes later i was buzzing. I was happy but a bit unsure about how i was gonna make out later on since the most i've done is 3.5 grams. So anyways, 3 was having trouble eating up because of the taste.. And these mushrooms tasted pretty bad in comparison. Once 4 had eaten some and 4's buzz started to kick in slowly, we went out for a smoke. This is when i started to trip.. The usual began with mild hallucinations, watching the ground move, things began breathing and swaying. 4 decided t take a piss outside by a tree across from 1's house... on someones yard ofcourse... A car showed up while this was happening and he had to run out and pretend he was looking for a tennis ball.. which was actually lying on the ground close by. So anyways, 4 and i went back in and this is when 1 and 2 decided to eat theirs up. After they prepared thier Mushroom Passion flaky, everyone decided to go out for a smoke and walk to some park. So we went out and walked for who knows how long, but for me it felt like atleast a half hour. Just getting there. We stood there for a while and this is when my trip started growing on me. Things began to grow rapidly and then shrink rapidly. The sky turned bright green with blue streaks in it(mind you it was night time by now) and it was VERY cold. I really wanted to get back to the house because i felt really safe there, plus it was warm. So we walked around for what seemed like even longer than the trip there. This is when i thought we had gotten lost and i was getting a bit scared. My hallucinations were still growing stronger and stronger but i was still very much in control. It's late november but i saw flowers blossoming infront of my eyes on branches in every tree. Finally we got back to the house and went down to the basement where we had matresses set up and movies planned... We began watching movies and cartoons but i'm guessing no one was enjoying it much. This is when things began to get sketchy. The whole room was alive, the matresses swirling, the celing coming down to my face and then launching up to the sky. Evrything was doing something intense and this is when i THOUGHT i was peaking. Some how everyone went upstairs without me and i was left downstairs sitting on the couch with music playing. I was still very happy and tripping good but the stuff i was seeing began to overwhelm me. I started hear things in the room talking to me and i started talking to things in the room. I remember a few of my friends would come down and go up and wonder why i was still sitting there. But i didn't want to leave, i just wanted to relax and trip. Although everyone else for some reason wanted to go outside so somehow i made my way upstairs tripping so hard i couldn't even beleive it. I remember walking out where everyone was and trying to have a smoke, but i thik i just ended up chewing on it and then throwing it out. This is where stuff gets REALLY hard to rememer and where i slowly started to slip away. I remember walking with them for what felt like an hour but we only made it around the corner of the street. I began to see things running around in the shadows and i really started freakin out. I wanted to go back to the house but no one wanted to. Then i wanted to go home but i didn't know how to speak properly anymore. I needed back in that house cause i was slowly loosing grip. I remember trying to talk to everyone but i just saw them all looking at me funny and i didn't know what anyone was saying anymore. I then remember walking around more but wanting back in that house so badly, more than anything in the world. I started thinking about my family and i wanted to see their faces because i couldn't remember what they looked like anymore. Then everything went downhill from there. I remeber 4 jumping into bushes and running out, but i saw him run towards the bush and fade away like a clip from the movie "feild of dreams". Then the last time 4 came out i knew i'd totally flipped. As 4 ran out, 4 was now an evil looking jester with this pale white face and a grin from cheek to cheek. I really started to shit my pants now. I turned and looked at everyone else and their faces slowly faded into jesters also, but their voices were the same. I can remember much now but i know we walked alot while i was tryign to figure out how to stop it. We walked by tons of people, or i think we did. Nature began attacking me, i thougt the trees wanted to kill me and i kept seeing little black creatures running around in the shadows. This is the point where i'm pretty sure i was clinicly insane. I somehow began hovering my own body watching myself walk with jesters around me. I thought i was dying and i needed help all i could do was mumble stuff. I couldn't even understand what i was saying. Some how i think i reached 1's basement on the couch again but i was dead sure i was still outside. This is where things got out for hand. My hallucinations were out of control and i kept slipping in and out of my own body, so scared now and with the belief i had died already and i was now in hell itself, with no way out. I remeber sitting on a bench spitting but i'm sure now i was in 1's basement on the couch. All i remember after was alot of yelling. being thrown around and trying to get back in the house. I wanted to see my friends faces, not fucking jesters yelling at me. I thought i was in hell. I dont know what they were really saying to me but all i heard were instructions to do things, and when i did them or didn't, it didn't really matter... all i heard was more yelling and screaming. I was trapped in insanity, i began to think i really was dead and i was in some after life where everything around me was a part of my imagination. I kept seeing my car everywhere i went, and everyhouse looked like mine. I cant even begine to explain what was happening but i was so lost and i was so far from reality. All i remember after was being thrown in my own car, and being able to see 3 and 4's face again. But they looked so disgusted in me, like i was evile and i'd done something so wrong no one would forgive me. But i still thought everything around me was made by my imagination. I REALLY thought i was dead and in some crazy warp of insanity. I remeber 4 driving the car back and me sitting in the car with my hands in my mouth still far out. I kept spacing out and finding myself infront of my other friends, like i'd be with 3 of my other friends standing by one of their cars talking to them, and then i'd be back in the car a second later. I remember 3 and 4 leaving me in the car and going home, STILL i didn't think i was alive. I then remember seeing things run around in the dark again, and now i was all alone. Everytime i looked in the rear veiw mirror i didn't see my face, it was someone else, but i didn't know who. I think it was about 12-12:30 now and all i could do was curl up in a ball and lye in my car and try to figure out how i had dyed. I didn't understand... about an hour later i remember starting to realize that i might not be dead, but i wasn't satisfied now because i knew my car was in a mess and everyone was mad at me for some reason. I was so damn frusterated and i felt so bad.. my body was tight and still buzzing but my hallucintions were dying off. Although i still didn't know for sure if i was real or not. I managed to open my car door and find my keys still in the ignition. I gathered all my stuff and went into my house still trying to understand if i was real or not. I took a shower and slowly things came back to me as i was touching down on reality again. The whole night was a blur and i just knew that despite whatever actually happened previousely, there was a huge gap between the communication with me and my friends. Whatever i might have said or done wasn't intentional or directed to them, and i'm sure i wasn't at all understanding what they were trying to tell me. Hopefully i can use this as a way of explaining to them what happened because i know i couldn't retell this in person as it took alot of thinking and recollecting parts of my memory to write here what i remember. My apologies for such a long report but i think its important that i write this so ppl know to NEVER underestimate mushrooms and ONLY take a dose your SURE you can handle. Thats my report....


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