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Parallel Dimesions

My evening was to be a most personal expierience that has changed my perspective forever.

My evening was to be a most personal expierience that has changed my perspective forever. I was sure that my mind and body were ready for the journey.

I started my evening @ my place by ingesting 5 grams of cubensis. I made my way to my "place," a Utopia of sorts. Trees and a gradual drop-off to a magnificant mildflowing spring creek was to be the site of a paranormal perception .

Thirty minutes had passed while I relaxed myself for the peripheral strobing affect that had started. At first the feeling was pleasrable, but quickly followed by a nausea that was to bother me briefly. I did not expect this trip to differ from any other, but it soon consumed me to a frozen state. I was completely frozen, and fell very sleepy, so I shut my eyes.

My shuting eyelids opened my subconcious eyes. I had never fell into an aware trance before and did not know what to expect. I was in a desert, that had been overcast with rainy clouds. The breeze on my face was all so real, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. I turned around and came face to face with Jim Morrison. He looked as if he were 24 or so and relaxed as well, as if we were good friends. I felt overcome with sadness because I knew that he passed in 71. This was my conversation as I can recall: ME: "I am so sad that I could not have known you in your time. I wish that we could have smoked and triped together while our friendship grew." JIM: "Don't be sad brother, we are friends, and I am not as far away as you might feel." ME: "What do you mean?! Is this real?" JIM: (laughs) "You'll see."...............................a a quiet exit brought me awake again.

I came to in tears, not knowing what to make of my encounter. My tears froze to my cheeks like ice as the most terrible screech I have everknown sent the fear of being eaten alive to my heart. A most primal instint of surviving a predator took over. My heart was beating so badly it hurt. I couldn't see the beast stalking me. It was too fast.

There is noway to explain the terror I felt. The object stopped screeching and revealed itself slowly from behind a large oak. The creature was humanoid with cat chrateristics. A giant velvety black cat representing death starred into my soul, to see a fear I didn't know I even possesed. I quickly blacked out/

When I came back to conciousness, the nightmare of being eaten was over, and the point of this story came into play. I found myself completely soaked with creek water. Evidently, somewhere inbetween conversating with Jim and surviving an attack, I must have slipped into the small shallow creek and never knew. After I dried myself off the drug allowed the fun part to begin.

The water that I shrugged off of me did not exactly fall to the ground; it floated through the air and settled as an uniform bowl shape. As I sat there and watched with great surprise, the “beings” appeared; six in all, all surrounding the bowl of water with their hands cupped under it. A light floresant blue color lite up the water revealing the object within it. From what I could tell, it seemed to be a large mushroom comprised of thousands of energy particles moving in an “infinity revolution.” What happened next changed my life forever.

Keep in mind that the area I was in was my regular spot, everything that was happening was actually conversing with the natural surroundings. The “beings” were tall and thin, almost extraterestrial in appearance.
Their skin was granite-like textured aned they were wearing head pieces that resembled Egyptian gods, the only difference was that there was no expression among any of the masks.

I was mesmorized by the glowing mushromm that they yeilded. The six “beings” moved their cupped hands and raised the phenomenom as high as they could reach as the mushroom started to morph into an infinite tree. The trees branches and the roots connected making a complete circle; just at this moment a small deer startled the “beings” and I . As I turned around to spot the deer I heard a strange noise from where they where now behind me. I could best describe the noise as resembling the faint sound of someones last dying breath. They had left.

My jaw was on floor. I fell to the ground and looked up through the hazy, velvety textured tree limbs into the stars. I have since dedicated my interest towards the event that happened. I have researched and studied as much literature on the subect I could find. The whole ordreal I considered a fantasy delusion to the extreme until I found a book by Andrija Puharich called “The Sacred Mushroom.” The book was written in the late 50’s and descibed such “beings” as the ones I had been visited by.

I have tripped six or so times since the event. I have encounterd the same beings again, but only when I take the dose alone. I feel that there is an actual parallel dimension that the fungus allows lucky “sensitives” to see and ineract with. In most cases of tripping, I feel like I am 15 or so seconds behind reality, I am now inclined to think that the time lost is rather a parallel dimension, in my mind, behind in time.

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