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Paper and Fields

I was hanging out one night with a hippie type kid I know and two members of my band and our roadie.

I was hanging out one night with a hippie type kid I know and two members of my band and our roadie. Firstly, I was hanging out with the lead guitarist, and we went to the hippie kid's house. There I got some acid from him, 1.5 hits, and stuck them in my pocket in a bag. Then we all met up at our drummer's apartment, away from the evil influence of parents. I ate my tab, and the drummer took 3 or 4 for a really messed time. Then we hopped into the car and drove for 3 hours into Northern Vermont. I didn't get anything off the acid for about 2 hours, because it was sort of old, but things were wizzing by the car, and when I leaned out the window of the car (going 65 mph) the whole world bent inot kind of a fisheye view defined by the curve of the trunk of the car. The drummer was throwing all sorts of stuff out the window and we were laughing. We took the boombox (the car's tape player was busted) and played Mr. Brown by Bob Marley for most of the ride there to the severe annoyance of everyone else in the car. We were on a quest for Shrooms. We got to the puppet show (where we were going in the first place) and got out of the car. Clouds of campfire smoke drifted over us. Wild yells and bass from stereos and drum circles throbbed in our ears. We we there.

We started asking everyone we encounted at the show (it was 2:00am and there were no trace of puppets) for shrooms. Everyone was awake because everyone was tripping. The first guy we met just gave us 11 hits of acid which we split up and ate. We continued on our quest for shrooms only interupted by acid sellers. I have NO idea how much acid I ate. We finally found a guy with some shrooms. He was selling a huge bubbler for three hundred dollars. I think that the rest of the group was buying dope from him too, but I was lost in the blackness of the night and the rainbow colors emanating from the moon. We bought a half ounce of shrooms from him and ate them all. We wanted to go "chill out" for awhile and lett them kick in so we sat on top of a hill and I tried to roll a cigarette, but i ended up throwing all the stuff in my pockets down the hill except for my keys (luckily) and my rolling papers which I gave to the Lead guitarist for some unknown reason. Unsatisfied with my condition, I demanded we find more shrooms and acid. We wandered around for another hour or two while I saw things that I though at the time were REAL, like a beautiful girl dancing to the rythym of a fire, and an Indian (the country) priest with a staff and white robes leading bongo and other drums with unitelligible yells. We were told where liquid acid was by a bunch of people, and we set out to find the spot. When we finally did it was the guy who sold us shrooms before. He had no liquid, but we bought another half and ate those too. After an hour or so more of wandering around, we had to leave so the hippie could go to work in the morning, back home. The lead guitarist had driven the hippies car all the way up to the show, but was tripping too hard to drive back. The hippie kid decided that he was fot to drive so we piled into the car at about 5:50 am. We had no gas, and trying to find a gas station in rural Vermont at 5:00am is about a easy as making toast with a pitcher of water. We got on the highway on empty tripping our balls off and were on a new quest, this time to find gas. By this time the drummer and the roadie were completely inchoherent. They kept saying random stuff and being loud and annoying. The hippie and I were trying to mellow out in the front seat and figure how the hell we were going to get gas. we finally found an exit and made it to a gas station. We got back on the highway. By this time it had started to get very bright outside, and our huge pupils didn't help us out at all. We went blind for seconds at a time and drove all over the road. Luckily there is little traffic in Northern Vermont at 6:30am. We passed some roadcuts where the rocks glowed purple through the heavy mist of dawn, and we saw an elven village appear out of the mist beside the car. It was truly amazing. About this time we started to smell someting burning in the car. I finally figured out that the roadie had managed to light his t-shirt on fire and was crying, but couldn't communicate with the rest of us. I put him out and we drove on. After a few hours of anguish which I won't go into (the roadie got arrested back home 'cause he went COMPLETELY INSANE for a few hours when we got back) I got home and went to my room where watched the walls melt and move. I listened to Radiohead's The Bends album continuesly until I convinced myself the whole CD was about tripping. Then at about 3:00 pm I had to move all of the band equipment from my house to the guitarist's house for his damn birthday party. My pupils were HUGE. It took me an hour and a half of confusion to finally get all the stuff moved, then I picked up the drummer and guitarist and went to his house where his birthday party had just begun. We had to play, and we were all still tripping somewhat, and had to talk to his parents and EAT food which was damn near impossible. We played like shit, and I felt bad. Then I noticed that our rythym guitarist was tripping too! He had eaten his shrooms just 2 hours ago! I swore i would never do it again about a million times. Our rythym guitarist hadn't been with us the night before, but he was now!

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