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oz and a quater dried.....what a ride!

i read somewhere that you can eat your weight in shrooms before you die.

i read somewhere that you can eat your weight in shrooms before you die....so i decided to start off with an oz and a quarter dried. don't think for one second that this was my first time trippin' (or as i like to call it; raising conciousness) i worked my way up to that. i've learned so far that any feelings you have during you trip are magnified tremendously. you really have to have a clear head and absolutley no fears towards the trip what so ever!

me and a friend of mine were on this site. checking out the trip reports and started getting curious about how "FAR" you can really go. so we decided weeks later that we were going to go as far as we could go. i was really anxious at first because this would be the first time i've eaten over a quarter and it was five times as much. well later that night we both got our oz. and decided we'd wait it out till the next morning.

it's 6:00am and i'm up and ready so i get my friend out of bed (off the couch) and tell him lets get started. we ate a light breakfast, toast and juice, then proceeded to skip all the other crap, i.e., brushing our teeth, combing our hair. we went to my basement, the most comfortable place in the world, brought out our bags and started to dig in.

i got through my oz. in a flash and my friend didn't want to eat his last quarter, he was feeling sick, he looked at me and smiled then said,"take 'em dude." i did, peer pressure hahha. we decided we'd play some music before everything kicks in because it's relaxing and sets us up in a good mood. well about 5 minutes after ingesting the shrooms my friend threw up and all his mushrooms left right there on the floor. i felt obligated to laugh my ass off! i couldn't help it he wasted alot of money! he said his trip was very mild which was good for me cause about 5 minutes after he puked up his money my trip started to kick in.

i went through the first stages 1-3 very quickly, almost to quick. i started to get sick but i wasn't about to waste my time, so i held it in and just as quick as i didn't want to puke the nausea left.

i had to sit down! i feel my body being scrambled like a frequency chart for music. then i couldn't feel my body at all. i thought i died. the world had seemed to be destroyed before my very eyes. i couldn't tell where i was or even if i was. i started to get real freaked out but i couldn't speak, i didn't have a body. then suddenly i heard of very distinct voice say,"you forgot who you are." in a very monotone sort of way. with quick realisation i found that that voice was my own! i was calm and in a very dark place. i tried to move my mouth to speak and then my voice said,"that's not going to help you here." i was trying to gather my thoughts. at every realisation point i found my reality coming back clearer and clearer. i was at a point of absolute conciouness yet still not aware of my sorroundings. i can remember thinking to myself "well what now?" my voice then retorted,"what ever you wish. your thoughts our your own."

i awoke in my basement with my friend playing a video game and i thought the trip was over. boy o' boy was i wrong! i looked at him then walked right next to him and said,"hey man how long did i pass out for." there was no reply then i yelled at him,"what did i do! why won't you talk to me!" and there was still no reply. i had just happend to look over at where i was sitting and saw myself lying back and watching him play video games i looked wide awake but i wasn't moving. just watching.

this scared the be-jesus out of me at first but then i came to grips with what was going on. i was out of my body and totally aware. as soon as i caught on to what was going on i left my house. it was weird i was moving through walls and could see my family members still resting but while they were resting i could see their thoughts or dreams it was like everyone was an open door all i had to do was think of them and out would come waves of thoughts and emotions. can you say akward!

suddenly in a flash i was back in the dark place and i thought what am i doing here. needless to say, out came THE VOICE again. "this is a place where not many dare to travel." what the hell i thought this isn't my voice! "i am your voice" he said,"but not your words." all my smart-ass self could say was,"what!?!" then he stated simply,"you are not ready for this." and again i woke up right where i was on the couch. "this is getting wierd" i stated. to which my friend replied,"what's getting wierd."

then i noticed that i was still trippin via shit breathing, moving and colors were really bright but i was now conciously back on earth. all i could say to my friend was,"dude you should have held back the shrooms."

it's been about a week since i've had any shrooms but i can't wait till i do it again. i'll probably wait a couple of months. i would recommend everyone try this IN A SAFE ENVIRONMENT and with SOMEONE SOBER (or relativly sober ) TO MAKE SURE YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID!!! have fun and enjoy your experiences.

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