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Hot summer night

I am writing this about 8 hours after my first mushie experience.

I am writing this about 8 hours after my first mushie experience. me, my g/f and mate d, took the little critters around 7:00, about 2g dried. We put on baseketball, and waited for them to kick in. about 45 minutes into the flick, I felt it was kicking in, but started to feel sick and stuffy, cause it was about 35c, and the carpet was moving around, and the TV wouldn't keep still. Matt stones head kept on spinning me out. my g/f came out to join me, but after about 10 minutes sitting there, we decided to go for a walk. I live in a middle-upper class nieghbour hood, that has got a lot of hills, and allmost from the top of any hill, we have got a great veiw of the city, and the inner 'burbs. So me and g/f were just walking around the block, and everything I was looking at looked great. My g/f was just babbling, I was half listening, just taking in everything, it was great, just to have her talking and everything looking great. I got home and convinced D that he needed to go for a walk. So we did. On the way, we got to the crest of the first hill that I live on, and the moon was just rising, and it looked orange with wispy clouds around it, and on the horizon, there were another orange cluster of lights that we have no idea what it is. We started to discuss how it looks like something out of a tim burton movie, and then we just broke up into laughter, and kept walking. Then a little dog started following us and barking, but every time it got near, it would just lick our feet, so we had this dog following us until the owner came after it. It was spinning us out pretty hard, especially D, who the dog took a shining to. we chatted to the owner for a couple of minutes, and moved on. We kept walking, giggling and speaking shit, then got home. This is where we realised that we were off our faces. I pulled down a Dali print that I had, and looked at it, I got nothing. then g/f got sucked into it. She was raving about how she was walking on the sand in the painting, and seeing what was to the left and right of the painting that you can't see. I was watching TV, and there was a really crappy movie on, but I was too busy trying to adjust to the light that kept going from orange to clear to white. We had cold water and washers that had been in the freezer to cool us down. We were laughing our arses off, and I looked at my washer, and it had green patterns on there, that I thought were mold, and got sucked right in to the intracate patterns that were in there. We went outside and sat on the gutter and discussed how drugs make you feel like a kid again, when you look around and everything seems new and exciting. So then we went of another walk. I am not too familar with the area yet, we have only been there 6 months, and I haven't had much time to go out and see what is around, so we went in the other direction. I started to get bad vibes going this way, I said maybe we should go back the other way, until we hit the top of another hill, and saw this great view of the burbs. That made the bad dissapear pretty quick :). we kept walking, and got to a street that both me and my g/f hadn't been down, so we went down, trying to get lost. once agian, we came apon a crest, that had a grassy spot on it, and the view was great. We had a total view of the city, we sat there for a while. Discussed how D should get a message from god, because he is trying to get this chick who is a christian. We luaghed about that, and kept going on. At this point in time, we were totally lost. Not from the drugs either. We had NO idea where we were. But we kept on walking, talking about things. D kept getting spider webs on him, that weren't really there, and we were paying him out about it. So we just kept walking and walking, waiting to reach the top of the next hill just to see what we would see. We made it home, and we were coming down, I was getting some pretty cool visuals, like the walls breathing/melting, but without the confusion of LSD, which I particularly like. We all took a shower, and cooled down, and put on the rest of basekett ball. Giggled while we came down, ordered some pizza, smoke some cones, and went to bed. all over in the matter of 5 hours. I love it :)

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