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Out of My Mind!!!

It always seems like that when you least expect it, the most amazing experiences happen.

It always seems like that when you least expect it, the most amazing experiences happen. It all began on a Friday evening right after work in Las Vegas. Phish was in town, but unfortunatly I had no ticket to the show. Determined to go, I drove towards the parking lot of the venue to try and score a ticket and some other goodies if possible. Just as I was arriving to the parking lot, my cell phone rings. It was my friend. "Hey, my work gave me two tickets to the Phish show, want to go"? "Hmm, let me think about that", I replied. I almost jumped out my seat. Since I was right near the parking lot, I decided to just drive in and park, in hope to find someone to hang out with. As most of us know, its not to hard to find someone to hang out with in a Phish show parking lot. It was only 5:30, the show started at 7:30. Two long hours to get myself into trouble I thought. While I waited for my friend to arrive, I took a walk through the lot, to try and score some bud, or shrooms, or whatever I could find. I was thirsty and a bunch of people were selling some Sam Adams beers. As I'm paying for my brew, a fellow customer asks me if I need any shrooms. "Really, how much?" 40 bucks for a quarter. I whipped out 40 bucks and said have a good day. On my way back to my car, I'm stopped again by this young kid and this older man, who looked similar. They had bud, opium, and acid. I decide to grab two tabs just in case the shrooms were bunk. I finally get back to my car and start to consume my magical beauties. They tasted pretty bad, so I was almost certain they were real. I didn't know how much to take. I decided to eat a little more than half the bag and wait to see what happens. I hadn't eaten anything all day so I figured they would hit me fast if they were good. Next to my car another group of friends were partaking in a big cronic break. They noticed me alone and ask if I want a beer. Certainly, heres a few caps. They reply with a phat bowl of kind bud for my liking. Yummy. Before I knew it, I had eaten my whole quarter. A half an hour had gone by, and all I felt was stoned. I began to wonder if the shrooms were bunk. My friend had not arrived yet so I decided to take another walk to see what else I could get myself into. I ran into the kid who sold me the tabs. He was had also eaten some shrooms, as well did his father. Thats right, that man was his father, hmm. I had a few pieces left of my shrooms and we discussed if our shrooms were real or not. We had no idea. An hour had gone by. I was convinced that I got burned and had to move to plan B, the tabs. I also decided that I wanted to buy a bag of bud off these guys, and we started walking bad to their car. They were getting there nitrous canister to sell balloons. The kid loads up his bullet sling with 75 cartridges. Lets go to my car so I can buy some bud. We walk to my car which is a Durango and I open up the back so we can chill and listen to some music. He began to fill up balloons. The sound attacted 20 people to my car in less than 5 mins. The party had began. Just before I consumed my first balloon I decide to take my 2 tabs because I felt nothing from the shrooms. Something about nitrous always makes other drugs a lot better. I take my first balloon. My trip began. It was almost instant. It wasn't the acid. It was the shrooms. I still had the tab in my mouth. The balloon set it off. It set it off like the a-bomb over hiroshima. It rocked me. I could barley stand, the problem was I couldn't feel my legs. I had a party with at least 30 hippies around my truck. I began to trip hard, in like 5 mins, I was tripping hard. Oh god, I'm going to be in trouble I thought, I liked the thought. My phone rang. It was my friend. She was in the parking lot looking for me. I find her and tell her I'm having a party at my truck. The time is 7:00, time to go in. The entrence was like a maze. I was laughing. My friend had no idea what I had done. She had nmo idea that in acouple a half an hour I was going to be out of my mind, crazy, fucking crazy. The show was packed. The crowd was pumped. Goosebumps covered my body. This is going to be awesome I yelled. The show began. It was wonderful. It was amazing. It was everything I thought that couldn't be. Phish played to the movement of the lights and the crowd. The lights panned over the crowd and moved in a swirling movement. Everyones arms swayed with the music and lights. I had never seen anything like it. The concert hall was filled with glow sticks. They were flying all over the place. It was so crazy. I was tripping so hard that I couldn't even understand the music. All I can hear was melodies, beautiful melodies. Phish looked like the dead. I could see garcia on stage. The skeletons were in full effect. This made me lose it. I didn't know if I was at a dead show or a Phish show. I had no fucking idea. Where the hell was I? What was I doing. What the hell was my name? Who was the person I was with. I had no fucking clue. The music stopped and the lights came on. Intermission.
I sat down to ry and figure things out. I couldn't. I just sat there and stared at the crowd of people. My friend was talking to someone. I couldn't talk. I couldn't do anything but enjoy the moment. The lights began to dim. The music began. The next thing I know, Kid rock jumps on stage and begins to sing Aerosmith. I think it was. I had no idea. Kid rock began to sing and I was imagining another song. He began to sing about being old and his fucking arms stared falling off and his legs. It was so weird. Then I snapped out of it and all I heard was music. The lights came back on. The show was over. I tried to walk out, but felt like I couldn't. I felt trapped. Every entrence I walked towrds, security pushed us back. I began to think they were holding us in. That there was a conspiracy. That the FBI knew we were all fucked up and they had us trapped and were going to bust us all. I began to panic. My trip got more intense. I could feel everyones emotions. People were crying, I thought. They were screaming, were all fucked, they have us. My eyes started to burn. I thought they had thrown tear gas at us. I really began to panic. Oh fuck I thought, Im dead. My parents are going to kill me. Im going to jail. Fuck, Fuck. I began to run. I finally found my way out and all I saw was lights. Helicopters, TV stations. All here to watch the biggest drug bust in history. Oh no. I stared to run for my car. I started to go into a really bad trip. Everthing began to look black. All the car looked like they were being destroyed. All I saw was FBI agents. I felt surrounded. I began to cry to my friend. She kept on saying everything is fine. I kept on saying, just get me home. What about my car? I ran to it anf it looked fucked up. Oh no. My windows were smashed. My car was on fire. I stared to freak out. I thought agents were trying to cuff me. I stared to run for my friends car. She was like what the hell are you doing. I was like, I have to escape before they get us. What? I then started to think she was part of the plot. My own friend, a nark? No way. I was pissed. Shes was just like, get into the car. It will be ok. I thought we were on our way to jail, or something. I buried my head in my hands. Fuck, what about my car. It gone huh? She kept on telling me it was going to be fine. Drving was crazy. I thought we were flying. I kept on saying I can't beleive cars fly now. We finally got back to her place, and I had no idea were I was. Everything I looked at changed to a different object. I was so confused. I started to calm down. My bad trip was over. I needed to get out. I ran out of her apt, and too my friends place. It was like 1am. He was up, thank god. I stared to tell him what happened and all he did was laugh his ass of. He pulled out some bud and we blazed. Oh god did that just set me off even more. I was totaly and utterly out of my mind. Everything looked like energy was moving through it. I felt like i was some higther life forem. I felt so wonderful. I could move the air with my hands. It was so cool. It was the middle of night and it looked like it was day light. So crazY!! Anyways this went on for hour. Actually until I two days later. I didn't mention it, but Phish played again the next night. I found myslf in the parking lot at 5. That is a whole other book in its self. All I can say is. I reached the sixth level. It does exist. Trust me. There are things that I can't even explain what I saw. I could read minds. I felt peoples pain. I was at higher level of self. wow. I don't know if I'll ever eat that many shrooms and do acid like that again. It was too intense, but i'm glad i did it. It was an adventure. To living life and loving it.

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