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out of my mind


20.m.125lbs-- Well being my third time trying shrooms and my second being the most effective of the three i had about a level 3 trip after consuming an 1/8 dried. so this time around i choose to eat about 5 grms dried. Remebering the steps i took the second time i repeated them within ten mintues of taking the first 3 grms i felt a slight ganja buzz i finished my 5 grms drank some oj and waited the first thing i noticed was shadows in my house moving and realizing that shadows don't move inside so that made me giggle like a school girl i sat on my bed and watched the room shrink in around me. A friend that was with me early recently left me but his voice and presence where still there not untill the following day did i know he wasn't there anymore. i sat and watched my door move like ocean waves soon later the door bell rang a few of my other friends came over and we tripped together but i was flying in another world already. About what seemed like ten hours later i was reaching peak any sound i heard sounded like someone being murder horrible shrinks came out thier mouths their bodies moved in weird ways getting up to piss was a whole other task once reaching my feet i felt all the weight in my body travel to my legs and feet. I looked down and my feet where the size of ford escorts i stomped out to the bathroom walking like frankenstein. While in the john i felt as if i were dreaming i loss all reality i felt like i was dead. I seen things that just happen in the room play out in front of me but i was in the bathroom. It was like watching television it was 9:45 and i been tripping for 2 hours but to me it was years i watched my bathroom rugs pulse like a heart beat the dolphins on the rug bent in towards me like i was wearing 3d glasses. My vision went black and white untill i reached my room again I heard someone walk behind me so i ran and hide under my covers i was lost in them they strecthed across my room all over the floor the pattern was on my buddies faces clothes my friends curly hair was doing a dance that i wish i could do. My other friend had a twin as i went in and out of double vision with slight what i call static in the corners of my eyes. Small white dots popped up infront of me as if i were steering at a light to long my friend that left voice came back to me telling me that i was fine he was always the kid that encouraged me to do things he had faith in me maybe it was my own internal voice but it came across as him talking to me well i had an experience of a lifetime i hope for more in the future

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