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Opening the doorway to the other side ?

The following is an email i sent to Dr Dennis Mckenna .

The following is an email i sent to Dr Dennis Mckenna .
This is my first trip with high doses of mushrooms .
Beleive it if you want i'll try and keep you all updated as to what happens but let me make 1 thing clear - I DO NOT CARE IF YOU DO NOT BELEIVE IF THIS IS TRUE OR NOT !!!

Dear Dennis , I have been following your brothers work for the past year and for the past few months i have been growing various different types of psilocybin mushrooms . Ever since taking acid when i was around 16/17 (i am now 24 ) i decided i wanted to become a DJ . Listening to your brother convinced me that what i had felt all my life was not just wishful thinking and that it was something more . I was picked out at a young age as having musical talent but this was something at the time i rejected .( Being very small and having to carry a cello a long way home saw to that .) First i'll have to give you a bit back ground on my life before i get into the visions i had last saturday . I was born and raised in Edinburgh Scotland and it may interest you to know that my mum and dad are both freemasons . Not only that but my dad is a leading mason in Scotland and both my mother and father hold the top ranking positions in the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland . As you could probably imagine i have been brought up around protests,masonic meetings and great civil unrest in parts of the North of Ireland and Scotland . All this of course was something i rejected and to this day thank my lucky stars that i did .
Now on saturday night at around 10pm i consumed 5 dried grams turned off the lights and sat back to see what would happen . What took place has changed my life forever. At around 10.30pm i heard a buzzing sound in the back of my head i instantly knew that this was the start of my trip . I was launched straight into what can only be described as large boxes of light which vibrated and with every new box i entered i felt a different emotion . All the time i was there i was watching some sort of jester in a red and yellow costume jump around like crazy . After i had been in the boxes for what seemed like hours i was taken to a large blue dome ,this is where i was given this information . The mushrooms told me that i was a great shaman and the inversion of my father , the plant went on to tell me that for years they have lied about the bible and that the real bible is the dictionary . It took me to a scene from my high school days and showed me how the educators use the word as a punishment , in this case the teacher made this guy copy a whole page in the dictionary as punishment for an idiotic remark .
These visions seemed to end rather abruptly and i turned over and turned on a bedside lamp , i was about to find out that this would not be the end of them ! After waiting about 10 minutes another wave of visions started , this time my whole room seemed to split in half and i could see people . This was not any person , this was the disc jockey that i have admired ever since i took up this art .The plant told me that this guy knew about me now and that we were connected in some way . This i could handle but the next wave of visions are really why i'm contacting you . After
the plant let these thoughts settle it hit me with the last wave . In the last wave the plant said that i had an important part to play in opening some type of doorway , it explained that it would be done when i meet this guy dj Sasha . Not only that but it told me where this would take place and the records that will open the 'gateway' if you like. It told me that the set must take place in Roslin Glen which if you don't know already is the wooded area near the famous Roslin Chapel , 20 minutes drive from my house .As you could imagine being told all this on my first real trip was rather intense and at points i broke down in tears . It went on to tell me who i would marry and things like this but this is all of no significance to you .
While i was actual having this experience it may also interest you to know that my mum and dad were in Canada at the Grand Orange Lodge conversion . On the Sunday my dad phoned me and i told him about some of what had happened and asked what he had been doing just as a matter of interest . His reply shocked me , he had been meeting with the head of the Mohawk Indians who is a Grand Master in the Orange and from what my dad tells me also a shaman. Remember that this is an organization that supports the British Royal Family !!!!. I could go on forever with lots of different details but this all strikes me as very strange but it feels like i've known it all along . I know it was really Terence that was into all this kind of stuff but i thought that you would be the next best guy to talk to . Even just to say that i'm not mad . I'm willing to take part in any experiments you might want to do but i have this feeling that i'm here to wake up the collective unconscious in some way and that you are going to help . I don't have any degrees or formal education like you or your brother , i am a simple guy who loves music and has a thirst for knowledge . If you feel you can help please get in touch .

Yours faithfully .Graeme Maclean

P.S. Infinate love is the only truth every thing else is an illusion .

He replied

Dear Graeme,

Well, it sounds like you had a very powerful, very impactful trip! Lots of interesting stuff coming through. What I would caution you to keep in mind is that the mushrooms are tricksters, the 'gnosis' that you receive from them is not necessarily the full story, or the straight story. Also, they have an uncanny ability to make you see (or make you think you perceive) all sorts of coincidences, networks of people and events, all of which seem freighted with cosmic significance. Unfortunately, this is also the kind of thing that schizophrenics and other 'crazy' people experience all the time. That is not to say that these connections don't exist, sometimes they do; other times they are pure delusions, and that's where you can get into trouble.

My advice to you (if you're asking) is to be aware of the trickster nature of the mushroom experience. Take in what it is telling you, mull it over, enjoy it for what it is, but don't take it too seriously. Wait for more information and 'unstoned' external events to confirm (or not) the messages that seem to be coming from the mushrooms. It's important to avoid getting into a state of hyper ego-inflation, thinking such as, 'the entire cosmic continuum is going to collapse unless I...' (and fill in your favorite scenario here). That kind of thinking is a red flag; the appropriate response is to get a grip, be cautious, step back and get some perspective on what's going on. Believe me, I know, because I've been through it. Terence & I at La Chorrera were totally convinced that history was about to end, and not only that, but the event was going to be triggered by what a couple of crazy brothers were doing in the Amazon, singing to a mushroom and trying to bring about an eschatological transformation. Well, as you see, we're still here. That didn't happen. And over the years it's become clear that there was a lot of ego inflation and delusional thinking going on. That doesn't necessarily devalue the experience, not at all. There's important insights one can process out of that. But I would suggest you to be very skeptical of any scenarios that come up in which you figure personally in some kind of cosmic, history-disrupting event. Just be aware, that's the trickster aspect of the mushrooms talking, drawing you into their web, putting you in the center of some scenario in which, inevitably, the outcome depends on you. Most likely, it does not. Maybe it's true; but demand external validation, take it all with a grain of salt, and keep your powder (and your scientific objectivity) well dry and ready to deploy. If external events really do confirm what you learn in the mushroom trance, you'll know soon enough, and you'll know in an unstoned state.

I hope this helps.

Dennis McKenna

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