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One fine day at the Beach

Hello My name is Kasp, Im from Los Angeles Ca.

Hello My name is Kasp, Im from Los Angeles Ca. I recently got a hold of an ounce of Perubain Shrooms, this was my 3rd time doing shrooms but never more than an eight. So this time we decided to fry our brains out a friend and I. Started to take them at 1'oclock in the afternoon, so We headed down to the Beach, 10 minutes into it my friend started to feel them I had no reaction to them. I started to fell them by 2'oclock, laying on my back looking towards the sky spirrals and images of devils, females, monkeys, all in the clouds. I would close my eyes and all I would see where three dementions, spirrals, all in different colors...red, pink, green and blue. We decided to start walking, the sand was colorfull pink, green, people looked all animated. Lost all sence of reality, by 4:30 my friends started to have a bad trip and brought me into it, that was our peek we had LOST OUR MINDS... a sence of INSANITY, GOING CRAZY, laying on the sand tripping the shit out of our brains. A scary momment as I started to imagine my death, a body Xperiance to the fullest. Even talked about going to a clinic but at the same time I told myself it was all a state of mind in a few hours it will all be over. Sorry I could not say that about my friensd he had totally no control over his mind, He actually called his family to say goodbye.... i try to reasure him it was all a trip, for about an hour that was our tip. We decided to go and see a movie(the butterfly effect) by the time we got to the movie theater I had no visuals no Halucinations my trip was to kill my trip, can you please help me with that question of mine....Why? Was it that During my trip I had mild hallucinations as to say I was thinking that since i ate about 3 1/2 eights of shrooms I did not go into a trance as to say like some people say they see things speak to them or loose the sence of reality and go into a whole new world... I did loose the sence of reality but I did not hallucinate to the point of buildings, and other things transforming into different shapes or things. you think I was to into me going crazy that i didnt let it take me there??? well thank you. I hope my trip has been a interestring one...And if you can help me with my question please e-mail me @ k2s7@sbcglobal.net, 1's againg THANK YOU

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